First let thank everyone All my fans , family and jahrastafarhi almighty for allowing me to use patreon platform.

My name is Martin Clarke aka BigmoviestarfrommiamiI am forty six and just decided  a dancehall reggae album.
What was I thinking?
All my friends and family were surprised I waited until I am pushing into middle-aged, they say go for it and family have called my bluff.
I want prove to them and the world it's easy to make music and I can do it.
So being the genius I am , why not give some back to my home to basic school in Jamaica.

This campaign is to raise money so i can get reggae dancehall albumin recorded by me professionally and distributed.I do not use a professional studio at this time.I use my tablet and an app call BANDLAB to make my music,which suites my needs SINCE ON THE GO and prove my point.
it's easy to professionally record these great new songs and do some good in the world by donating to my basic school in Jamaica.

You can help me make this happen?Some friends say music is hard.
I should get a job, while others say I will make it one day. So the brilliance (genius) in me I decided crowd funding with patreon.
This is the perfect platform for people like me. I can give back from music sales to my basic school in Jamaica while reward my BACKERS on patreon.
You are all definitely invited to come to party with me. I am the party god - but right now, I'm asking your help: I'd like to record my dancehall reggae album professionally.
So with your help I will achieve my goals of recording my album
:here what i need to make great music with my tablet and app

Here are my options.

  1. - $299.00 Roland Rubix 44 USB Audio Interface (USB Audio Interface) 
  2. 399.00 a 2-RØDE NT2-A Microphone - Silver
  3. $375.99 Pro level Portable vocal booth for my microphone -The Voicecube

So -if I can earn $1,073.99
I would get equipments , do my album professionally by myself meaning , vocals, mixing and mastering.
I will have achieve my goals.
I choose Patreon platform works for independent musicians like myself. 
I can connect with people around the world through Patreon.
Patreon helps me keep making, sharing my music and do some good.
On Patreon, every BACKERS helps.

  • Rewards

Fans pay per post- remember, on patreon that it’s a not recurring pledge of a smaller amount, a single one time backing. You can set up monthly max, so you may never go above their budget. What do you get in return for being supporting me on patreon? you will get my songs along with other unique rewards like live streaming shows, Facebook shout,live hangouts, special thank you messages and even a chance to party with me the Party God.

1. You can support in any currency?Yes.
2. How many music will you release a month? I release 1 song every other week on my 2 month. 
3. I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron? Yes, you can donate $1 per post. Can I stop in the future? Yes  Still confused?Just click on help Center and family at patreon will help you very easy.

  • Rewards

I can show how much i appreciate your contribution to my success as a musician and an individual so i am giving back to you directly.
My rewards program works like this For example, at the top of the mountain ($100/) you will receive:
BACKERS GET A REAL FLYING DRONEPersonalized song/video messagePlus Bigmoviestarfrommiami slam 2-4-5 rewards Vote on future topicsLive video hangout once every month for all my BACKERS available on all rewards
I will celebrate with each of you by doing everything i can to go above and beyond the call of duty to make your support worthwhile.
Once i reach my first major milestone of $299, i will host a Hangout with every member. At second milestone i will begin the process of dropping vocals, remastering. 
At the final goal mark, I will send every subscribed member a customized shirt with the names of all subscribers of $100 In addition to i plan to continually add and expand on our rewards system as time goes on and as i am financially able to do so. We are always willing to hear what each of you want out of this program, and want to provide to you the most worthwhile experience possible through this campaign.

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