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BIG SCHOOL is a gigantic 6-foot-wide maniacal architectural drawing of a humorous school that I began in December 2015. With your support, I will finish the drawing and make super high-quality, beautifully saturated 24” x 36” prints and a 16-page coloring book. Everything will be delivered in time for the holidays. 

Since transitioning from holding a day-job for The Man to becoming an artist/stay-at-home dad for two young boys, school related matters are always on my mind. I also happen carry with me a load of psychological baggage that stems from my own traumatic days as a failed pupil (being held back in the 1st grade in the meanest of ways, burning my right nipple off in a failed science experiment and getting expelled in 8th grade, etc). Because starting a series of Teacher Portraits from Memory wasn't as therapeutic as I had hoped, it seemed obvious that the third drawing in my "BIG" series should be of a SCHOOL.

What you can get:

  • Very high quality, frame-ready 24" x 36" full color BS print 
  • 16-page artisanal coloring book of BS 
  • Anti-drug campaign pencil that changes its message as you use it
  • Set of 3 steel and enamel cloisonné donut pins 
  • Prints from my previous campaigns 
  • Original, custom 5" x 5" graphite & watercolor drawing where I interpret whatever word you give me (you also decide if it's rated PG or R)
  • Original, custom 8" x 10" ink & watercolor donut drawings where I interpret whatever word you give me into a custom donut
  • Original "number-architecture" artwork created exclusively for this campaign (Classroom numbers 0-9) 
  • Pleasurable hours of visual stimulation look at your BS print which includes search & find activities <SPOILER ALERTclick here.
  • Deep satisfaction in knowing that you make these drawings possible

How you can help:

  • Share this campaign with your friends or anyone you think might be into it
  • Make a pledge and get some amazing stuff, not available anywhere else, delivered in time for the holidays
  • Collaborate with me: pledge for one of the custom drawings (half the usual price). I'll make an original pen & ink and watercolor drawing specifically for you 
  • Complete a page in your BS coloring book and send me a photo of your work to be included in an online exhibition in Spring, 2017

Color progression:

What I love most about these campaigns is that it enables me to offer my work at prices that anyone can afford. Though I've had my art exhibited world-wide, am lucky enough to have my drawings placed in a number of permanent museum collections and I've drawn for publications like The New York Times, McSweeney's and Rolling Stone, the fact that so many people are willing to display some of my work in their homes thanks to these Kickstarter campaigns means a great deal to me.

 REWARDS (in addition to the BOG SCHOOL 24" x 36" print):

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