BIG-i: The First Personalized Family Robot
BIG-i: The First Personalized Family Robot

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Meet BIG-i


"Hello, I'm BIG-i, your personal robot companion. I can see, hear, walk and respond to your voice commands and I'm here to help you."

BIG-i is a natural-interaction robot with mobility, 3D vision , voice programming, and active perception. It can manage smart appliances to suit your needs.

BIG-i can act as the bridge between family members. It will improve itself, becoming more and more thoughtful and intelligent through your instructions. Even when you are away, BIG-i will still take care of your loved ones. BIG-i takes charge of the small daily grind so you are free to enjoy every precious moment. It means everyone feels the love and the strong bond of the family.

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Millions Possibilities for Millions of Individuals


BIG-i is designed to fit each of your unique requirements. You can program BIG-i with your voice, for yourself, your family, your friends, and the people you care about. Each BIG-i in each family is unique—it can be your special one.


 “Hey BIG-i, if my sister comes home, please tell her that I hid a present in the garden!” 

 “Hey BIG-i, if I raise a glass for a toast during dinner, please play my favorite song.”

 “Hey BIG-i, if I am leaving home and it is cold outside, please remind me to put on a scarf.” 

BIG-i helps you to live at ease, and helps to bring your care to all the family.


 “Hey BIG-i, if I leave the house, please order the cleaning robot to clean my room.”

“Hey BIG-i, if dad sits up late working in front of the computer, please order the coffee machine to make him a coffee."

“Hey BIG-i, if you see me snap my fingers, please turn on the lights.”

Tell BIG-i some basic information in advance, then it will handle many things for you. Without any special instruction, BIG-i helps you take care of everything at home.


 “Hey BIG-i, if you hear a strange noise, please go to check.”

“Hey BIG-i, I want to hear the story of The Little Mermaid!”

“Hey BIG-i, let’s play hide and seek, come to find me when I count to three!”

BIG-i brings joy to your family. At the same time, it is the loyal family guard, always ensuring your security.

The Possibilities Are Endless


The potential of BIG-i is unlimited—the only limit is your imagination. Despite the diversity of people, BIG-i will always provide the appropriate service to each and every individual. BIG-i will grow with you, and become as unique as you are.

How BIG-i Works


BIG-i receives your requirements through voice programming, and translates your requirements into text through speech recognition. With the help of semantic analysis, it can understand the trigger conditions then submit them to the system. After that, BIG-i will call the corresponding sensory “organs” to detect if the condition is matched. When the answer is positive, BIG-i will call the appropriate skills to perform tasks and meet customer needs.

The Skills of The NXROBO BIG-i


Three Key Technologies Of NXROBO BIG-i


Through adapting its various skills, BIG-i is capable of doing all kinds of things. Once it receives a voice command, it will analyze every word to understand the need. Then it will use its perception system to detect the surrounding environment. If all the conditions are matched, it will carry out the task automatically to meet the need. The three key technologies are the cornerstone to make it possible.

About Design

A family robot should be warm and able to adapt itself to the home environment. Unlike the cold and rigid image of robot we have in the past, BIG-i use cloth as its appearance and soft cushioning material as its muscle layer in order to integrate in family. We even researched the height of robot and analyzed the purpose and frequency of communication between robot and human in family. Delightedly, we ended up find out the most appropriate height for robot to interact with people, no matter the person is siting, walking or simply standing. 
  For interaction part, we had two choices when we started designing. One is to use body language to improve interaction experience, the other one is to design an eye to express emotions. A gaze, squint, blink, eyes closed, half-open eye…all bring different feelings. After experiments, we chose the second option.

Specs of BIG-i




NXROBO Development Platform

In the future, the NXROBO OS will open the API to allow developers to create their works and add more functions to BIG-i. We will need support in every way to improve BIG-i, to make it more intelligent and skillful.


NXROBO OS is the OS of consumers’s level, which utilizes resources from ROS and get them ready for users.  

To bring great ROS communities and their abundant resources to users, offering an unprecedented user experience of robots. On the other hand, robot developers finally got the chance to make their outcome in development shine on every user without handicaps.  

NXROBO OS has the advantages of: 

  • User account management and access control  
  • Over-the-air (OTA) system upgrade  
  • Third-party API and robot application store  
  • Seamless switch between apps and resource management
  • Integrated with voice programming architecture  
  • Easy-access of ROS resources

NXROBO is also a cordial supporter in promoting ROS


To achieve the dream, we need …

A. Mad men with crazy ideas  

Your fantastic ideas will be a great contribution! If you have some concepts that you want to become a reality, just leave us a message on Facebook. We will select the greatest ones to publish and recruit to our development team to make them real.

B. Coding Genius

The NXROBO OS will open the API to allow developers to create their works, share them freely or sell them on the App Store. Developers can access both the hardware modules and the basic skills of BIG-i. If you know C++, Python… There are millions of interesting projects to work on—it is the perfect showcase for your talents. Meanwhile, thanks to your contributions, BIG-i will become more and more intelligent and skillful.

C. Hardware Engineers

In the future, BIG-i will connect with various appliances and share data with them so that any device can see, hear, and collect data with BIG-i’s perceptual system. If you are a hardware developer or ODM interested in meliorating intelligent devices, please contact us. 

Some Great Ideas Waiting To Start:

  • Immersive Feel While Staying At Home

Imagine the day when you won’t need to fly thousands of miles to see any famous artwork around the world—it’s going to happen. With VR glasses as your eyes of exploration, and BIG-i as your tour guide during the whole journey, you’ll get a brand new experience, where the ancient and technology blend together, and art and code clash with the sparks of intelligence. BIG-i would be more than happy to accompany you on the path of marvelousness.

  • Conversation, silent and cheerful

The only thing that stops them from communicating with you is not heart, but an adequate tool to help them speak out. With its “eye”, BIG-i can read sign language, translate it into speech, and let their heart be heard, loud and clear.

  • Home appliances, simpler, cheaper and more intelligent

We live in a time when people prefer to add up than to take away—tons of functions and features, every single device seems capable of it all. But we choose to walk in another direction. We would like to create something that can adapt your differences and work just as you would expect. Meanwhile, it can take charge of the perception and calculation process, thus lightening your burdens and forming a true integration of your home appliances. That is what we call a smart home.

To make this future work, we need your support and trust—you, are the ones who create the future, and we are more than happy to walk on this highroad with you.





Story Behind BIG-i

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Bring BIG-i Home To Your Family!

BIG-i: "Take Me Home"



 Voice Programming

 Wake Up & Go To Sleep

 Switch Between English & Mandarin Seamlessly

 To be continued......



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