BGNews Season 2
BGNews Season 2

The second season is on! We are here with more reviews, more news, more articles and hopefully, surprises!

Welcome to BGNews! BGNews is a daily updated portal, featuring news, reviews and a variety of articles in the board gaming field. Led by Nick Niotis  a dedicated gamer, and with a team of experts on various fields of tabletop gaming, BGNews is bound to bring you every day news on the field, reviews on hot board games, event coverage and much more.

Last year you made it happen, and the international edition of BGNews went live in June 2014. Now we enter our second year of operation and our to do list is enormous! We want to expand our coverage by adding more reviews, more news, more event coverage and hopefully, get a YouTube channel going!

The funding goal is $2000 so you probably wonder where the money goes. Here is a breakdown of what we will be doing:

Website hosting: We keep 2 websites live, one is our international edition and one for the Greek speaking readers, so hosting these costs around $150 per year.

Domain renewal: This costs us around $10 per domain per year so that's a total of $170 along with website hosting.

Hootsuite Pro: We use Hootsuite to schedule our messages, so using an advanced version of it would help us create profiles on more social media and reach more audience at once. The cost for that is roughly another $100 per year.
That leaves out $1730.

Board Games: With an average price of $60 per board game, this means we could roughly purchase 30 board games to play and review. Some companies have been kind enough to have added us to their reviewer lists, while others give us review copies when in Essen. This is definately not enough to cover the great variety of board games out there, and even borrowing friends' titles and joining different game groups is not enough, so we could use an extra boost!

Essen coverage: 2014 was the second year we visited Essen. We need a minimum of 2 people to make the coverage, one recording, and one presenting. So let's see how much that costs. Plane tickets from Athens to Frakfurt and back cost around $230 for our desired dates (arriving before the convention is open and leaving after it is closed, so as to arrange board game shipping). This is a total of $460. Train tickets to Essen and back to Franfurt would be around $60 each, which is a total of $120. A cheap room would cost around $60 per night and this is really CHEAP for Essen. We usually stay for 7 nights to make as many appointments as possible. This makes as a total of $420. We purchase exhibitor tickets which allow us accessing the fair from Wednesday to Monday each year, all days filled with press events, which is another $56 for both tickets. The grand total until now is $1000 without the living cost for a week. This is NOT INCLUDED in the funding goal and nor will it evenr be. We believe that attending the Essen fair is essential both for our communication with the board gaming companies and for bringing you the vibe of one of the most important board game fairs in the world. So we will keep doing it at our own expenses - however giving us a hand would be highly appreciated :)

Here is a summary of what we did in Season 1:

Off we go for Season 2! Let's smash these numbers!

We do not operate as a store, so please do not think that we are here to sell you stuff. However we would like to give you a token of appreciation for reading and watching us, so choose one of the perks as you donate!

The perks available in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign include:

  • Promos for games that you love (such as Sentinels Tactics, Alchemists, King of New York, Munchkin and many more)
  • Accessory packs so that you keep your components organized
  • A chance to contribute to our website via guest articles
  • Companies only: Ad packs
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