Beyond Terrene-The adventures of Zenon and Simon
Beyond Terrene-The adventures of Zenon and Simon

Are you ready for an imagination ride of a lifetime?

Do you enjoy Science and Space?  Do you like action and adventure? How about suspense?

Then this is the book for you!

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Mission Statement

"I'm creating this book because I want to make a good action novel. I want to create a captivating theme along with an exciting plot line."

Background and Synopsis

Beyond Terrene-The adventures of Zenon and Simon is the first book in a series to follow, which takes place on a distant planet called Terrene. The Earth has become overrun and is loosing its ability to be inhabited. In a desperate attempt to stop the conquest of Earth, Scientist from around the world come together and produce the first Genetically Engineered human. Immediately, these humans were bred and instructed to fight off the inevitable doom of the human race. This ultimately failed. This led to the forced discovery of Terrene; the only way that  the human race could possibly endure. 

Years later, an orphaned Seventeen year old boy, by the name of Zenon goes out from his isolated home in the wilderness; which he shares with his younger brother, Simon; who is Sixteen years old. Little do either of them know that it is the last normal moment of their lives. 

The reveal of a threatening plan.

A disaster-bringing dictator on the rise.

The creation of an unstoppable hybrid.

Will the human race be able to handle the onslaught of another encounter with extinction? 

Read Beyond Terrene to find out! 

Post-Note Zenon and Simon

                                                                              Xenon(Top) and Simon (Bottom); both of the main characters in my book. More about these characters can be found in my unique appendix in Beyond Terrene, which list the entire character list plus an additional sneak peak for my next book; which contains a survival based theme.

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