BETO; Smart Sleep Coaching
BETO; Smart Sleep Coaching

BETO Sleep Coach is the first IoT device and application developed to promote better sleep for babies. Receive pediatric counseling that is personally tailored for your baby by taking into account your baby’s daily lifestyle patterns. 


  • First time Pregnan

Being a first-time parent is both exciting and nerve-wracking. BETO Sleep Coach is a one-stop paediatric counselling resource.

  • Working Parents

Being away from your baby can cause anxiety and prevent you from focusing on work. Make sure your baby’s every need is being taken care of by following-up with BETO Sleep Coach.

  • Babysitters

Even experienced baby sitters can benefit from advice personalised to the baby they are taking care of. Parents can monitor their babysitter’s daily routine through BETO Sleep Coach.

  • Under 4 Month Old Infants  

Younger infants are less capable of expressing their needs. Luckily, their needs can be broken down into a couple of daily routines, all of which can be scheduled through BETO Sleep Coach.







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