Best Order Taking App That Streamlines Sales Efforts to Win More Orders
Best Order Taking App That Streamlines Sales Efforts to Win More Orders

Best Order Taking App for Ipad/Android - Contalog

“71% of a salesperson's time is spent not selling” - Skura

Field sales apps have become the game changers in one-to-one marketing as field sales approaches have seen a transition from being ‘app aided’ to ‘app controlled’. So, in order to make the best sales pitch that outwits your competitors, your field sales professionals should be powered with a new-gen field sales app.

Contalog is a native order taking app for Android and iPads. Built for retail businesses, Contalog has an array of features that makes field sales pitching a joy.

Digital Catalog

Contalog's mobile order taking app provides a digital catalog that enables appealing exhibition of products. With minimalistic UI, sensible navigation and product categorization, Contalog let's fields sales reps to retrieve particular information from millions of data within a few clicks and swipes.

Demo Videos

Product demo videos can be locally saved or online demo videos can be showcased for customers. Putting HTML5 to best use Contalog online order taking app enables uninterrupted video viewing in both Android tablets and iPads.

Limitless Product Data

Contalog order taking application is completely scalable in such a way there is no extent for the number of information you save. PIM (product information management) lets you create, publish, edit and product information in a clutter free way.

Order Notifications

Notifications of all the orders placed in a sales network will immediately be pushed to all the users making use of Contalog order taking app. Thus no orders misses out your radar.

Offline Access

From order placements to information access, your field sales reps can proceed without data connectivity. Once the data is back, Contalog order taking app makes things simple by instantly updating order, inventory and every other information

Account Sync

Changes in product portfolio, stock level, or any minor change in your sales network will be instantly updated into Contalog's iOS and Android order taking app. Every sales rep will be in sync with the whole sales network.

Customer Management

Maintain a perfect database of all your clients along with the crucial information, contacts and addresses in a single place. Using this Android and iPad order taking application customer information can be retrieved using search, using name, id, email etc.


Contalog order taking app for iPad and Android devices helps in creating quotes for proposing special price requests. Quotes will be sent to the sales network management team and once it is approved a 'Quote' will be turned into an 'Order'.

Bulk Orders

Sales reps can place multiple quantities of a same product. Products which have a minimum quantity parameter can be ordered in multiples of the minimum quantity parameter.

Events-Based Orders

For sales pitches done in events like road shows, trade expos etc, field sales reps can place orders by creating separate records for the event. Events based order entries makes things easy to decipher which event has been profitable.

Sales Force Management

Sales force can be grouped into teams. Each user (sale rep) can be given separate set of roles, access and permissions based on the role they play in your sales team.

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