Ten Best Inventory Management Software for Online and Offline Retail Businesses
Ten Best Inventory Management Software for Online and Offline Retail Businesses

If you are trying to move out of the majority of business that are ignorant and currently looking for an online inventory software, you’ve landed in the right place.

"One of the top ten reasons startups fail is poor inventory management and 66% of businesses are yet to use inventory management software." - WASP Barcode 2016.

Successful corporations, take care to deploy the best inventory management software to spare themselves from inventory losses. That said, your business needs one too. We have put together a list of online inventory management software that you can consider to whip your inventory process to good shape.

10 Best Inventory Management System for Retailers


Contalog powers businesses with its endless list of features and integrations. A predictive interface molded to perfection for blazing fast performance is what sets apart Contalog and places it as one of the best retail inventory management system. As a retail inventory system, Contalog bestows business owners with cloud-enabled real time tracking of inventory levels at multiple locations.

Key Features:

Cloud Readiness - Real time stock updates for multiple warehouses locations and delivery channels enabled by cloud connectivity.

Multi Channel Stock Management - Give wings to your growing business with multi channel stock management for complete control over inventory spread across all selling channels (online, offline, franchises, consignment, etc.)

Bin Tracking - Spot and access physical inventory accurately with bin tracking. No more running around the warehouse trying to locate SKUs.

Other Benefits

  • Warehouse Transfer
  • User Activity Log
  • Warehouse-Specific Stock Storage
  • Warehouse Staff Handling
  • Dashboard for Centralized View of Inventory and Orders

SalesBinder online store inventory management software is decked with features for smooth inventory management. Since It is cloud based it also gives real-time access to inventory levels, orders and other key metrics related to inventory management.

Key Features:

Barcode Scanning - The system can be configured to read and search bar code scans for efficient SKU locating.

Multiple Warehouse Locations - One interface to know everything about multiple warehouse locations.

Item Attributes - Manage several SKUs with diverse variant attributes easily and effortlessly.

Other Benefits

  • Customized Invoice Templates
  • Purchase Order Management
  • User Credential Management

Unleashed is by far the best inventory management system in terms of flexibility when it comes to flexibility in controlling inventory located in multiple locations, sold through several sales channels.

Key Features:

Real-Time Inventory & Profit Reporting - Accurate, minimalist and real-time pulse of inventory levels and profits accessible instantly.

Mobile Sales App - Made to fit mobile sales app that does every desktop function from a smartphone interface.

Third-Party Platform Integration - Allows integrating with a number of eCommerce platforms including neto, Salesforce, Magento, ShipIT, etc.

Other Benefits

  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • Unique ‘Pick and Pack’ Feature

ClearlyInventory chosen as the top online inventory management system for small business. Ease of use, multiple user credentials, quick inventory tagging abilities and advanced search facilities make things easier for inventory managers.

Key Features:

Real-Time Transaction View - Real-time transaction view gives accurate inventory levels, automatic sync & storage and updated information at all times.

Moderate User Rights - Assign, edit and monitor user logs and rights for better user rights management.

Dynamic Search and Filter Data - Dynamic search and data filter options including equals, does not equal, containing, etc. that help pinpoint exact data range.

Other Benefits

  • Unlimited User Creation
  • Tag Products Better Management
  • Report Generation and Export in excel or .csv

StockandBuy, an integration-friendly online retail inventory management system that can be integrated with any eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, etc. for real-time inventory management.

Key Features:

Multi-Channel - Helps manage inventory pertaining to several channels and platforms.

Customer Management - An integrated CRM that helps manage customers and suppliers from a single window.

Flexible Pricing - A price package that is tailor made for businesses looking for an affordable retailer inventory tracking system.

Other Benefits

  • Cloud Installation
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Inventory Alert Reports

Finale Inventory is a retail inventory management software for small business that is ideal for multi-channel eCommerce applications, warehouse management and inventory management. It can be integrated with Quickbooks for facilitating on-the-go accounting.

Key Features:

Centralized Inventory Tracking - Real-time stock records can be seen live with accuracy for multiple locations.

Stock Auditing Capabilities - Stock history which highlights discrepancies in stock ledger including delays in punching receipts, issues, etc.

Other Benefits

  • Export Records in Several Formats
  • Advanced Filters
  • Flexible Shipping Capabilities

Unicommerce facilitates selling across multiple sales channels and is a perfect inventory management system for online business.

Key Features:

Multi-Location Inventory Management - Inventory from all locations can be seen in a centralized platform.

Bulk Order Processing - Process any number of orders in a flash using bulk processing actions.

Other Benefits

  • eCommerce operations management
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Can be integrated with online selling channels

Vendhq, a device-independent retail stock management software that can work on iPad, Mac and PCs. It also has offline connectivity making it a powerful solution for small businesses with limited resources.

Key Features:

Point of Sale - With POS integration, it is easier to migrate data directly from sale outlets to back-end system.

Industry-Wise - Vendhq can work for any kind of industry including health & beauty, fashion, home, lifestyle, food & drink, gadgets, etc.

Other Benefits

  • Product Variants and Composites
  • Quick Product Organization
  • Centralized Product Catalog
  • Autofilled Stock Orders

Freestyle Solutions, enterprise-level online inventory management software that suits retailers. The online inventory software is available as on-premise or on-cloud deployment model.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Order Management - One touch solution that delivers all order management capabilities under one roof. Integrated calendar which helps dynamic continuity in order management.

Multi-Channel Capabilities - Can be integrated with all possible sales channels including physical store, mobile, website.

Other Benefits

  • Integrated Purchase Order Administration
  • Quick Customer Management
  • Intuitive Reporting and Dashboards

Megaventory, apart from the regular features, provides much more interesting. This online inventory software provides a clutter free partial order processing.

Key Features:

Cloud Based Automated Inventory Software - Built on the cloud it is a best ally for small businesses and retailers who want to manage their stocks without expending too much of money or effort.

Partial Order Processing - Orders can be processed as whole or in parts as required by the customer. Also includes management for consignment sales.

Inventory Trends - Gives time based inventory trends showing how inventory consumption has changed over the period of time.

Other Benefits

  • Sales Orders from Clients
  • Sale on Consignment
  • Partial Shipping and Receiving
  • Multiple Reports


With that we come to a long list of 10 best online inventory management software/tools that can streamline your stocks and put your business on the fast lane to profitability. Have a detailed look at their pricing and features before you pay up for one.

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