Best of 6 corporate chat apps for team communication
Best of 6 corporate chat apps for team communication

Over half the messages sent are for business purposes and there are 1.2 billion mobile connected workers in the world. The technological shift has given us the liberty to go mobile and stay connected wherever we are.


However, the need for security and personalization has grown in parallel creating a space for quality business instant messaging apps that guarantee an all-around performance.


Businesses need an all-around communication requirement, as they need to stay connected with their customers, establish secure internal communication with coworkers, partners, and vendors. The platforms matter, personalizations, stronger connectivity, ease of pushing, pulling and sharing data, privacy, personal and group connect, scheduling and not to miss out on the fun as well.

So, where do you find those guys who fall in the perfect spot in all the rating scales? Here they are and just read on to know them.

Contus Fly

First up is Contus Fly, a readymade solution that gives business owners the freedom to etch a messaging app for business communication of their specification, look and functionalities. Contus Fly has a framework that can accelerate the process of building a business communication app.

Being native, Contus Fly promises flawless performance even in full throttle. Built on Erlang, the language used by WhatsApp and customizations on the Ejabberd server, Contus Fly promises high operational efficiency.


Operational on Android, iOS, Windows and Web, Contus Fly is backed up by Amazon and makes use of some of the finest databases for handling various storage responsibilities like chat history, media files, credentials, login sessions etc.


File sharing, screen sharing, video calling, personal and group chats, extensive privacy personalizations, presence indicators, location sharing, offline messaging, integrations, and notification pushes some of the built-in features that Contus Fly’s SDK comes packed with.






Find anything and everything needed by internal business communication apps with Slack. A perfectly built app that caters specifically to business messaging needs.


For achieving perfect clarity within several team conversations, chat groups are separated by channels. Channels can either be public or private. Public chats allow people to have a look and join a conversation.


Slack as an instant messaging app for business, in particular, integrates communication mediums which are already used by business pros apart from its own environment and that includes social media like Twitter, cloud storages like Google Drive, collaborative environments like Bitbucket and much more.

With that said, there should be a pinch of doubt about the file sharing support for Slack business messaging app.


Among the messaging apps for business communication, Slack differentiates its style of communication by grouping conversations into channels. Drag-drop sharing makes things easy to find files and put them into the preferred group of a person in seconds.





One of the safest of business instant messaging apps that are encrypted end-to-end and promises message delivery in blistering speeds. Conversation security and privacy can be established for chat conversation with peers, customers and business associates outside an organization.

Voice recordings are easy to send with a single tap interface. A user can micro-level details on message and chat history on the whole which includes time of delivery, time of response, sender details and so on.


SparkChat tops the list of internal business communication apps when it comes to security and confidential messaging provisions. It provides self-destructive messages which will be deleted from the device and server as per the rules set by the sender.


Apphitect IM Solution

Works seamlessly with smartphones and desktops. You can catch up and continue with a conversation that happened when you were at your desk easily with your smartphone on-the-go and stay connected to peers or important discussions anywhere.


The transparency level of group chat is as good as the privacy in personal conversations. The best among business communication apps when it comes real-time messaging. A hyper-real mode is something which redefines real-time messaging as it messages can be viewed letter by letter by the receiver as and when they are typed.


Videos, pdf, spreadsheets, images can be shared instantly with just a drag-drop. Delivery confirmations for every ping inform time of delivery. An auto-destructive message is yet another addition towards secured communication support.





Built exclusively for team chat and file sharing, Stride has the cross-device and platform, compatibility that enables users to stay on chat on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Businesses can create a group for the development team and allow them to discuss via Stride without having to miss updates on their development environment like Jira, Bitbucket etc. Stride unlike other messaging apps for business communication, can be deployed on your own server environment.


Adding a bit of fun, emotions are easy with a large collection of emoticons. Easy screen sharing, drag-drop file sharing, unlimited chat rooms, secure guest access and a list of other business-friendly features makes Stride a worthy contender.





Flock is an instant messaging app for business which provides the best-in-class quality and convenience when it comes to video conferencing. Group chat, private chat, file sharing and search tool adds to the communication capabilities.


Files sharing apart from spreadsheets and pdf, users can create and share between them to-do lists and code snippets. Reminders for tasks, opinion polls keep a team going and more collaborative. The contact list will have every single user of an organization who has been added as a part of Flock.


Person chats can end up as group chats as FLock makes inviting friends into chat simple. Initiating video calls can just be done in a click and sharing of screens and files can be done while on a video call. Like any other business communication apps, Flock is cross-device compatible.

The major forms of availability of business messaging app are as products or customizable solutions. Both can be of great use depending on the requirement of a business but it is better to go with solutions as they tend to offer a better degree of uniqueness, liberty in terms of customizations as well.

Well, it is always better to have a hands-on experience before you go for it. Trial or take a demo and decide on what suits your business best.

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