Best. Marshmallows. Ever. All-natural, Handcrafted Fluff in Wildly Creative flavors
Best. Marshmallows. Ever. All-natural, Handcrafted Fluff in Wildly Creative flavors

Best marshmallows you've ever tasted, in the most unique flavors you've ever heard of, made in the hardest working city in the world!

In case you haven't heard... DETROIT HUSTLES HARDER!!

SWEET art marsh is NO exception!!

We are now on a mission to create the MOST wildly creative, culinary-inspired line of marshmallows and marshmallow-centric treats you have ever experienced. We believe that we can create simply the BEST. FLUFF. EVER.

We have stepped up our craftsmanship and in addition to using the locally sourced, always fresh ingredients which we already do now, we will also be making our own bourbon-barrel aged vanilla, simple syrups and even tea blends, straight from our local distilleries, which we will use in our new, culinary-inspired line of craft fluff. These ingredients will take on the complex flavors of the barrel, with a caramely, custardy and even smoky twist, adding another layer of delicious.

And, we will really get back to basics with a line of medicinal marshmallows (which is what they were originally used for) which we will craft from actual marshmallow root for things like headaches, sore throats and more!!

In the News:

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Fox 2 News Cooking School
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HOUR Detroit Magazine
Metrotimes, Detroit's Alternative Newsweekly
Metrotimes, Detroit's Alternative Newsweekly


Heard Around Town:

"Look honey, there's a marshmallow inside a cake (about the NEW fluffcakes, our version of a whoopie pie). This is AMAZING!" Specifically Chocolate buttermilk fluffcake with triple berry balsamic marsh fluff filling.

 @SWEETartmarsh@ChildrenCtr heard these were amazing! #delish love the #fluffempirehash tag :) #TourdeFork#85anniversary

Having fun at #TourdeFork for @ChildrenCtr! Great food, great cause, great marshmallows! @SWEETartmarsh#85Anniversary

The BEST marshmallows ever, from Michelle @fluffartist at @sweetartmarsh!#TourdeFork#85Anniversary

SWEET Artisan Marshmellows Review (@SWEETArtMarsh, ##SweetArtisanMarshmellows…

1. SWEET artisan marshmallows are made with high-quality, premium ingredients, local whenever possible, organic grass-fed beef gelatin and NO corn syrup or eggs. But the most important ingredient which I add to my marshmallows is L.O.V.E. I am simply in love with everything about creating and sharing the marshmallows, starting with the exciting process of coming up with new flavors, to the look on EVERYONE's face when they try them for the first time and each unexpected, individual note hits their tastebuds.

2. Every flavor you taste and any color you see comes from nature. All natural flavor and color make our marshmallows taste exactly like the fruit, spice, root, herb or any other ingredient it is named for. Oh and NO need for bottled water for our fluff because, in case you didn't know, Detroit has won acclaim for it's water quality and taste, drawing fresh water from the Great Lakes.

3. Our marshmallows are made in small batches, by hand, right when they are ordered for the maximum freshness. Although, with a shelf life of 4-6 weeks, they are still wonderful in hot beverages, cocktails, cereal, and to use in your crisp rice treats and, s'mores toward the end of their life cycle. Trust me, they will be gone LONG before they expire.

4. Every ingredient such as cake, candied bacon, cheesecake, tea, coffee, brittle, butter and more is handmade in our kitchen before it goes into our marshmallows.

5. We have a NO waste kitchen. Leftover mango puree and fresh-squeezed lemon juice combine for an amazing mango lemonade, extra lavender or hibiscus tea make a great addition to a glass of white wine or a scrumptious mixer for a drink. Our scraps are shared with other area bakers to use in marshmallow frosting, fondant, filling and more. Recently we combined our extra triple berry balsamic fluff with our mini shortbread cookies for a new-to-us product, a marshmallow-centric sandwich cookie!

Some of you may have tasted our fluff here in Detroit or even around the country, but you are in for a real culinary treat when you try these complex and somewhat sophisticated flavors of our new craft line. We are starting with 8 flavors for Kickstarter backers only and we'll add a new flavor (listed after KS flavors, don't miss the bacon shortbread) and/or treat as stretch goals are hit. If we hit ALL stretch goals, ALL backers earning rewards will get a dozen minis in ANY flavor we have ever made! List of flavors will be sent with survey and there are LOTS of great ones!

Roasted Sweet Potato Chai - Our ANTI pumpkin spice for the fall season. Freshly brewed handmade chai and smooth sweet potato puree make this fluff indescribable!

Gooseberry Hazelnut - The perfect holiday seasonal flavor, nutty, fruity... YUM!

Banana Bourbon Caramel - We sauteed bananas in butter for the banana marshmallow and then swirl in Detroit's own Chewy's Gourmet Kitchen Handmade Bourbon Caramel Sauce... have to try to believe!

Ginger-roasted Cantaloupe & Sake - We roast cantaloupe with our house-made ginger sugar then add a splash of sake for a twist. A big hit with test customers

Grilled Peach with Basil & Brown Sugar Butter - We grill our peaches with our signature basil and brown sugar butter, then puree them to flavor this amazing marsh, which has also been a hit with test customers.

Toasted Coconut Latte - Freshly brewed Coffee Beanery Hawaiian Coconut coffee and vanilla marshmallow rolled in freshly shredded and toasted coconut!

CB&J - Our house-made roasted cashew butter and local preserves... Like a grown-up PB&J

Mango Cholula - Fresh mango puree with a splash of my fave hot sauce, Cholula... interesting and yummy.

Grilled Peach with Brown Sugar & Basil Butter
Grilled Peach with Brown Sugar & Basil Butter


Fried Red Banana & Curry, Cinnamon Orange Mindo Chocolate, Ube (Purple Sweet Potato) with Honey & White pepper, Chocolate Rum Cake, Violet & White Chocolate, Triple Berry Balsamic, Grass Widow (local bourbon) Bacon, Cranberry Blossom (with award-winning local vodka), Chocolate-dipped Vanilla Java Porter topped with pretzels.

Vanilla Bean & Peppermint Beverage Toppers, Handmade graham crackers, Scottish Shortbread Cookies, Fluffcakes in Lemon-Ginger with triple berry balsamic fluff, and Chocolate Buttermilk with brown butter lemon fluff, Sandwich cookies in Bacon shortbread with maple fluff, and chocolate chipotle shortbread with blood orange fluff, and...

THE PIECE DE RESISTANCE - Bourbon-barrel Vanilla Extract!!


It just so happens that we have partnered with other confectioners and sweet treat makers that hustle just as hard as we do and curated a FANTASTIC selection of the finest candies, chocolates, and bakery treats for our retail outlet, SWEET, a confections boutique!

Our stretch goals will really help us to make some significant improvements, as well as, provide employment for Detroiters at the SWEET space!

$15 - one dozen marshmallows

$25- three dozen marshmallows for the EARLY BIRDS

$35 - three dozen marshmallows

$55- six dozen marshmallows for the EARLY BIRDS

$65 - six dozen marshmallows

$95- two dozen marshmallows for 3 months

$180 - two dozen marsh for 6 months PLUS DHH tee

$360- two dozen marsh for 12 months PLUS DHH tee

$600 - marshmallow-making party (give amazing marshmallows that YOU made for your holiday gifts) PLUS SWEET art marsh "Fluff Artist" Apron

$800 - marshmallow party comes to YOU! Plus SWEET apron

$850 - artisan s'mores buffet PLUS SWEET art marsh "Fluff Artist" Apron

$1,000 - marshmallow-centric dessert table (s'mores buffet plus sandwich cookies & fluffcakes in ANY flavor you want) PLUS SWEET art marsh "Fluff Artist" Apron

 Please help us spread the word on social media, facebooktwitterinstagram, your tumblr, etc...

Let all of your family and friends know that they can get one-of-a-kind marshmallows and ask them to also spread the word

Send tips to blogs you read, your favorite news reporter and your favorite publications

 This is what we will be using the money for:

  • More kitchen equipment so we can make more fluff at the same time
  • More extensive insurance, which will cover more
  • At least 40% will go to KS & Amazon fees and shipping rewards
  • Bulk ingredients & packaging to make both our process more efficient and keep costs down so we can continue to offer our fluff as reasonably as possible
  • Bourbon barrels from our local distillers here in Detroit
  • If we begin to hit our stretch goals, we will have enough to rent an additional adjacent office space (which we REALLY need), additional retail store fixturing including refrigerated display, begin to build our team by hiring an employee, a delivery vehicle/marshmallow truck and ultimately, a national sales team so you can get our amazing fluff in your own city!
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