Best Live Streaming Apps for Windows, Mac and iPhone
Best Live Streaming Apps for Windows, Mac and iPhone

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Most people aren’t acting on their - otherwise great - ideas because they assume it’s going to be complicated, or they don’t possess the necessary skills.

One of the most efficient ways to generate success is by connecting with people. A hidden talent and determination made celebrities out of Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis while Casey Neistat and Justin Bieber became known worldwide, simply by posting their videos on YouTube.

Facebook gives live videos the prime placement, YouTube is dedicated to live streaming and Twitter is all about live broadcasting. Got the idea? Video blogging is a phenomenal business and if it’s live, it’s on top.

Best Live Streaming App

Once you see how Cameleon works, you’ll never be the same! Start your live video broadcast in less than a minute. It’s incredibly simple. No confusing set-ups necessary. Just click/tap and smile! You'll be connected to the social network of your choice.

Live Stream for iPhone

Live Broadcaster for your mobile. Just download the app, and within seconds, you’re streaming live. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

“Easy, simple and extremely powerful. The absolute must-have for everyone working with social media. It saves you a tremendous amount of time and has more features than you'll ever need.” - Moran (App Store)


Absolute minimal interface with the tools, you’ll need 95% of the time, all on one, beautifully designed page. Bloggers! It'sfaster than you would even believe possible. Pros! Yes, you can fine-tune it trough support for built-in presets and personalized buttons. Beginners! Say goodbye to technophobia! Forget the unnecessary buttons, menus and setup, we moved everything under the hood.

How it works?

Search/Google for Cameleon Live and download the app. Start it and tap on the big blue button. Then tap either YouTube or Facebook and smile! You’re live, in front of the world and your followers!

Applied automation and 'on the fly' tools will save you the time (see Get Productive) while being live will help with building your audience considerably faster.

Everyone has talent and clearly, you are no exception!

No need to be a singer. People create success by talking, cooking, playing video games, applying makeup, fixing cars, pranking their grandma, or by simply being themselves.

Ever wanted to reach millions but couldn't face the competition? Here is a quick shortcut to the top! Ever wanted to share, broadcast or promote anything? We’re giving you the best tool to start with. Ever wanted to unleash your talent?

2017 is here with a new, unprecedented opportunity:

Uploading videos has become one of the best income sources for those who make their living from home however, it’s getting harder to get to the top. Unless you’re willing to do it live. YouTube Live and Facebook Live can help you with reaching the largest audiences in the world and here comes the easy part …

Simplicity makes Cameleon incredibly easy to use and gets you started in seconds, without any prior broadcasting or video blogging experience. Your toaster is more complicated.

Live Streaming for Facebook and YouTube

Read more about Cameleon, the brilliantly simple Live Streaming App on Kickstarter (klick here).

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