Best in American Made
Best in American Made

This project has already launched.

Consumers and retailers say they prefer to buy American Made... but how? How do you filter the millions of hobby level handmade products online to find the professionals wholesalers?  High quality handmade products are what makes an independent retailer "cool" and competitive against big box retailers. But how do retailers find that really "cool" artisan merchandise?  It's almost impossible. 

Abot 15,000 professional studio artisans and makers desperately need an efficient and affordable way to connect and sell to luxury retailers, museum store buyers and galleries nationwide.

For many years, trade shows and magazines provided an efective way for this B2B community to connect. Today rising trade show fees of $2,000-25,000 for a single booth make it impossible for these small production businesses to move from local to nationwide sales. This has effectively squeezed domestic producers out of the marketplace.  

Tens of thousands of independent storeowners now prefer searching online for quality brands rather than traveling to trade shows. 

The need for an affordable wholesale venue is evident by many of the players in the marketplace today.  Etsy, Amazon and Grommet offer artisans and makers the opportunity to wholesale, but they fall short of providing artisans and retailers with the transparency and flexibility they need to establish trusting relationships and grow. Sites are most often filled with unproven, and unprofessional products that are poorly made, poorly priced. The sites restrict these makers to portal only transactions, making it difficult to provide high level service and flexible terms.

The Best in American Made is the first "curated" marketplace of proven professionals. We currently provide asafe and secure marketplace for 300 studio artisans and 22,000 wholesale buyers. "Best" members provide wholesale buyers with exactly what they are looking for... a full and fair mark-up, high design top quality, proven merchandise backed by great customer service.

Our established wholesale buying community has a strong commitment to American Made and/or the quality handmade artisan goods. Two years ago we began to build a new online marketplace for our community.  Today that marketplace is a launched and now we are seeking a technology partner to help us refine and scale our Best in American Made marketplace. Our next step is to provide consumers with a store locator referral service for all of our members and their brands.  Your participation will permit us to add important "Best in American Made" store promotion, branding and identity. 

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