The Best B2B eCommerce Software to Meet Next-Gen B2B Challenges
The Best B2B eCommerce Software to Meet Next-Gen B2B Challenges

“93% of the 100 biggest companies ranked in the 2016 B2B E-Commerce 300, operate an e-commerce site or a private, password-protected web portal - Internetretailer”. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. We are talking about ecommerce B2B portal software.

B2B ecommerce platforms are the exclusive medium through which companies are able to cater to the peculiar needs of their wholesale or bulk procurers. (From providing their clients the freedom of placing purchase orders on their own to managing orders, and their fulfillment process B2B ecommerce portals need to be built for heavy data handling and accuracy.)

Contalog is one such power packed B2B eCommerce software that lets you create your private B2B ecommerce portal that can be seamless with other selling channels as well.

Keynote Features of Contalog B2B eCommerce Software

Management Simplifications - Task delegation and user access control

Administrators have several management tasks to perform apart from certain well known mandatory tasks like inventory and product information etc.,

With Contalog B2B ecommerce platform wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors can create several user accounts through which delegation of tasks can be done and in order to have control over user activities, Contalog lets administrators assign specific access and permissions for each user.

Inventory Tracking - Real-time updates & centralized stock management

Stock updates, as and when they are replenished will be updated immediately as Contalog B2B ecommerce platform is directly synchronized with your inventory. If you are selling via multiple digital channels and wish to have a centralized inventory for all of it including your B2B wing, Contalog b2b ordering system can get that done as well.

Product Categorization - Sensible classification of products

Contalog is one of the best b2b ecommerce platforms that facilitates clear classification of B2B product portfolio. Multi-level product hierarchy lets an admin present products explicitly by segregating them under related categories and subcategories.

PIM - Never miss out on even the minutest of product details

Contalog’s allows admin to manage product information without confusions. Variant specific product information can be maintained along with other crucial information like SKU, barcode etc. All variants of a product can be managed as a separate SKU with exclusive images, description and other details.

PO Placements - The comfort of placing orders at will

Using Contalog B2B ecommerce software customers can place purchase orders at will. Contalog b2b ordering software provides a easy-to-use, straightforward interface that helps customers to locate their preferred product from 1000s of products and place orders with ease.

B2B Ecommerce Fulfillment - From order notifications to delivery and post sales process

Contalog is one of the best B2B ecommerce software that provides a huge set of provisions that comprehensively covers all the duties related to B2B fulfillment process.

Order Notification - Notifies real-time about the orders earned
Order Status - Four statuses for informing progress of order fulfillment process
Partial Order Processing - Process orders in parts upon user convenience
Invoicing - Generate bills and all supporting documents
Stock Adjustments - Post shipment adjustments to be made in case of returns, damages etc

Order History - Knowing customer preferences better

History repeats itself and more frequently in case of B2B product consumers. Contalog B2B ecommerce software keep track of every single purchase made by a user including the time of purchase, order adjustments made, products orders along with their quantities and much more crucial information that creates a valuable database of customer preferences in a course of time.

These information act as intelligence in knowing a consumer’s purchase pattern, requirements and ordering frequency.

Analytics - Sales intelligence in numbers and graphs

Contalog shines as top B2B ecommerce platform when it comes to reporting prowess. Reports can be generated based on several modules like ‘Users’, ‘Orders’, ‘Products’ etc., Contalog B2B online ordering software’s time-based sales comparison and condition-based (like ‘and’ / ‘or’ etc.,) aid in extracting specific reports among thousands of sales metrics available.

Top performing products, duds, average order values, seasonal demands for products and much more of your b2b ecommerce portal can be know and extracted as documented reports as well.

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