Bespoke Gifts from Harriet Church London
Bespoke Gifts from Harriet Church London

Welcome to Harriet Church London

At Harriet Church London we are offering the exclusive gift of life. We see seeds as a unique promise; one to grow, to succeed, and to cultivate a relationship that spans the seasons.


The Story

Since she first unfurled into the world, Harriet Church has felt an affinity for growing things from seeds. Her family have been growing seeds for well over a century, with Harriet becoming the 5th generation of Church seed sellers.


At Harriet Church London we are truly passionate about seeds. Seeds are remarkable. Like us they are unique; different shapes, colours and with distinctive features. Seeds, like us, reproduce and allow life to continue.

The Perfection Promise

Our products, like our seeds, are deluxe. Our boxes are handmade in England, and the seeds inside from trusted partners who have produced and packaged for over 125 years. Our charms are solid silver. Only the best will do.

Your Box

When designing our boxes we wanted to ensure that they would be kept on display, a memento to you joining us on our journey. We decided that one should fit inside the other; giving you singles or a pair. We want you to cherish them and believe in the magic they hold.


The Future

Our gifts are designed to be given to the people you love. There will be limited edition luxury boxes for you to keep or share.  We are committed to pleasing you, to offering a deluxe brand, and to sharing our passion for seeds with the world.

The Occasion – what do you need a present for?

We are launching with the following boxes, perfect for any occasion and a beautiful gift to give to loved ones:-

Wedding Box, New Baby Box, Christening Box, New Home Box

Congratulations Box, Retirement Box, Birthday Box, Memory Box

A Mother's Day Box and our Signature Save Our Bees Box

These are just a few of our first products to launch. All packed by hand in Suffolk.

A Legacy

The boxes are a legacy - a life gift. We have designed the box to be used forever. Turn it upside down and put replies, thank you letters, mementoes of the day of the event, or you can use it for personal things, private things, special things. Our beautiful boxes are not designed to be thrown away, but to be kept and cherished for a lifetime. 

Join with Us

We would love you to tell us about your Harriet Church London experience. Convey to us what you love about our products, and why seeds are important to you. Share us with your loved ones and be prepared for us to expand our range to suit all occasions.

‘Sharing the gift of life, through seeds’

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