Bero Smart Lamp
Bero Smart Lamp

This project has already launched.

Kickstarter Campaign of Bero Smart Lamp will begin in Aprl 2017.

Bero is a big-sized character and smart lamp that can express a variety of colors with its application and sensor. Bero itself has no button to turn the light on or off. You can knock its body twice to turn the light on and off. It’s an original function that you cannot see in existing lamp products. Bero smart lamp uses RGB LED and links with the application through Bluetooth4.0 connection to realize hundreds of thousands of colors. So you can have Bero with a variety of diverse colors.


You don't have to look for the switch to turn Bero on or off without your smartphone and you only need to knock its body twice.

You can knock Bero’s head or body twice to turn the light on or off. This is the difference with existing products with which you can touch specific areas to turn the light on or off.



The application will be available for both iOS and Android.

Power On/Off

16 million colors​

Alarm & Timer

Shaking​ Mode


Bero Mode is a function that shows 5 different lights of nature inside Bero. Click each button for different colors and the color automatically changes inside Bero accordingly. And touch Heartbeat button to feel Bero’s heartbeat in the light.


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