BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords (iPhone Lightning & More)
BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords (iPhone Lightning & More)

With a Reversible USB that works in either orientation, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your phone or tablet.

Presenting BelayCords

The first iPhone charging cord with reversible USB technology


The Problem

So much time and energy went into creating such a great phone, but it seems like the charging cord hasn’t caught up.

where's the charging cord love?
where's the charging cord love?

 Charging cords have some major problems. 

  • The white rubber gets dirty really easily. 
  • They break
  • Many have connections that wear out causing "on-again, off-again" charging. That's not very much fun during a sync. 
  • They also only work in one orientation. Apple fixed half the issue with their lightning adapter, but the USB side still needs some love. We found that we can never plug it in correctly the first time.

The fixes

USB Orientation

We're working with the only Reversible USB patent holder to make the first and only iPhone USB Lightning cable that works in any orientation. That means when you try to plug it in, you get it correctly the first time, every time. 

Strength and durability

The absolute worst part of charging cords is they break. That’s why we’re only using high quality materials and are reinforcing BelayCords from the ground up. To prove it, we’re standing behind them with a life time guarantee. That means BelayCords will be the LAST cable you will have to buy.


Teaming up with lead designers, we created Belaycords in a variety of colors that “pop”. Inspired by climbing rope, belaycords has a rugged fabric exterior, protecting the charging components from wear and helping to keep them tangle free. That means no more on-again off-again charging!


Made In College is a full service accelerator that takes ideas and builds them from into full-fledged businesses from scratch. It starts with a simple idea submitted by anyone. After the idea is run by a board of directors and potentially approved based on a variety of factors including viability, time to market, patentability, and more, it is assigned to a project lead who oversees the idea from conception to delivery. This process can take as little as two weeks to as long as two years depending on how developed the submitted idea is.

Production teams include a PR/Media Manager, Video Editing/Content Creation, Prototyping Engineer, Communications Intern, and Team Lead. Rest assured, our team has the experience, training, funding, and oversight to manage this project with 100% confidence. Pledge with assurance!

Risks and challenges

We've already prototyped our Belay Cords to an end-user quality--so there is no risk that the backers will be disappointed by the quality of the product. While we hope this process is streamlined, and our manufacturer has everything lined up to produce the product, there may be unforeseen delays. However, we have every impression that we can get BelayCords to you as quickly as promised.

What we won't do is produce a sub-par product. We put our name on BelayCords and don't take that opportunity lightly. We promise to keep you in the loop during the process so you feel this product is just as much your creation as it is ours.

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