BeHaus 2D Lighting
BeHaus 2D Lighting

This project has already launched.

The prototypes are made. The feedback has been amazing. Now, with your help, we can take BeHaus 2D lights into mass production.

About this Projekt

For backers in search for something unique, innovative and truly stylish! With your backing we can now bring our Bauhaus-inspired 2 dimensional lighting collection to life

Introducing #Modernassic (Modern + Classic) BeHaus 2D Lamps.

Introducing #Modernassic (Modern + Classic) BeHaus 2D Lamps


Although they look 3D, they’re actually 2D. So they take up a fraction of the space, but still look great when they light up your home or workplace                                                                                                           

These unique lighting pieces bring a twist on the modern classic theme that we like to call 'modernassic' (modern classic!). Not only are they stylish but also space efficient to be right at home in any house. Designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, they give a bright ambient glow to any room. 

Why back us?

While space is at a premium everywhere, especially at home and work. Anything that takes up less of it, but still looks cool and serves a purpose is popular right now. That’s exactly the thinking behind BeHaus lamps. 

Our prototype 2D lamps are proving a hit on social media, so much so that we’ve now got to the stage where we need to expand our production capabilities to meet demand. And that’s where you come in With your backing, our Bauhaus-inspired lamps can be in more houses and businesses across the world. Your backing also means a more efficient and increased production levels, along with an introduction of the 'Mini-Norah' - USB powered adorable little versions of our larger 'Norah' collection of lighting.

Meet #Dalla #Anora #Elora
Meet #Dalla #Anora #Elora

BeHaus’ designs are inspired by Bauhaus’ original ambition to mass customise quality products, through means of modern fabrication since 1923.

“We believe almost a century later, thanks to digital manufacturing Bauhaus‘ vision to mass customise quality products through means of modern fabrication, can finally be transformed into reality”.Sara Bahman, Founder of BeHaus 

Brighten up!

We offers a wide selection of 2D lamps to choose from, all of which will add a magical ambiance and style to any room, in any home. Imagine one sitting perfectly on your desk at home, or on the tables in your restaurant or bar, or even on your bedside table, or in each of the rooms at your hotel.

#Dalla by your bed
#Dalla by your bed

Meet #Anorah

#Dalla by your bed

You can choose from a wide range of colour and designs from the Silhouetta collection. For more information visit:

#Dalla in boutique hotel#Dalla in boutique hotel

#Norah at work#Norah at work

#Norah at home
#Norah at home


There’ll be no compromise on quality or sustainability if we meet our funding target and expand production. We’ll continue to use high quality 100% recyclable acrylic, as well as silicon, fabric and green plastics. We’ll carry on using our own workshops together with selected local workshops to ensure we meet high-quality British manufacturing standards. And we’ll be sure to make our lamps available in a variety of vibrant colours that’ll compliment your unique interiors.

Creating #Norah

Creating #Norah

#Mini-Norah USB lamp

#Mini-Norah USB Lamp


With your backing, we can increase production levels and introduce the Mini-Norah range. 

Make Mini-Norah the highlight of your desks. They are USB powered adorable little version of our Norah collection. 


Our premium wooden packaging will continue to be carefully crafted and hand-assembled in our own workshop to ensure orders reach customers in perfect condition. We hope you will reuse our wooden packaging to store something special.

Premiuim wooden packagingPremium wooden packaging

Want to give our 2D lamp as a gift to a loved ones for Christmas?

Pledge for your favourite 2D lamp by the 25th of November, and we’ll deliver your very own BeHaus lamp before Christmas. What a gift that will make for family, friends or even yourself. For more information visit:


Risks and Challanges

We want to strike while the iron’s hot. 2D lamps are all set to be the next big thing in lighting, and with your help, we can capitalise now.

Our top priority is to ensure our products meet the highest standards of British quality manufacturing. 
We will prioritise deliveries to our backers to ensure they receive their lamps in time for Christmas. What a great talking point they’ll provide when friends and family come round. 
As with any expansion of manufacturing processes, unforeseen circumstances can occur. So, while we are determined to use the funds we receive to boost our capabilities as soon as possible, if any delays occur, we’ll be sure to inform our backers.


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