International Beethoven Project Crowdfunding!
International Beethoven Project Crowdfunding!

The International Beethoven Project (IBP) was founded to reimagine classical music's place in the 21st century, to unite people around the arts, and to contribute creative, artist-led peaceful solutions to the world's problems, all inspired by Beethoven's creativity and spirit of humanism. IBP's accomplishments since its founding in 2009 include producing the World Premiere performances (Chicago and New York City) and recording of a newly discovered Beethoven piano trio to wide critical acclaim, and producing three radical and multi-disciplinary Beethoven Festivals in Chicago (2011-2012-2013) that included explorations of many genres of music, dance, theater, fashion, visual art, as well as educational programs. In 2014, IBP launched a new undertaking, tapping "underground" artist culture through its ongoing yearlong UnFestival series, held in private and public spaces around Chicago, with the goal of connecting to local communities of artists and citizens in mostly untraditional venues. 

Our ambition is to use arts and culture to bring people together in ways big and small, with a particular focus on changing old and stale perceptions of classical music and to use this great artform to engage larger audiences. We also believe that arts and culture at all levels of society can have a major positive impact on local economies everywhere.

On December 16, 2014, Beethoven's 244th Birthday, IBP will announce the launch of its 2020 VISION and 5-year countdown to the start of Beethoven's 250th Anniversary Year. Our goal is to bring cultural, civic, educational and business organizations together to create the largest open and collaborative event in the world in celebration of Beethoven's artistic legacy and ideals of human "brotherhood".

In order to accomplish this long-term plan, IBP is focusing its energies this year on building a strong and scalable management structure along with a solid financial foundation. The initial goal is to raise $100,000, which will help IBP pay off remaining liabilities for its 2013 Beethoven Festival, and give the organization a financial headstart toward building needed administrative capacity. 

Be a part of our 2020 VISION and add your name to our list of supporters! We need people who can help us financially as well as people who can help promote this cause. If you can do both, great! If you can only do one, great! Your contribution to the first leg of this major undertaking will go a long way in helping us engage wider audiences and change negative perceptions of "high" culture, turning Beethoven into a relevant 21st century icon and instigator for positive change.

Our official crowdfunding campaign will be launched to the public in mid-November. Please sign-up to be the first to hear about it!

Thank you so much for your support!

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