Beelinguapp: Two Languages Side by Side
Beelinguapp: Two Languages Side by Side

This project has already launched.

I am a Mexican programmer who came to Germany 7 years ago. While learning German, I used to read texts and listen to audiobooks in German, and it was great when I understood, but sometimes, there were those 1 or 2 words that I didn't know and would ruin my experience. To solve this problem, one year ago I had the idea to create Beelinguapp, an app that would enable people to read in a second language.  

Beelinguapp would:  

  • Show the exact same text in two languages (your native and the one you are learning) side by side, highlighting the sentence you are reading in both sides. 
  •  Function as an audiobook, with recordings of native speakers reading the texts out loud. 
  •  Let you follow the audio in the text with its karaoke reading animation

After 10 months of hard after-work and weekend coding, I was able to release the Android version of Beelinguapp, using only my time and my money I hired 15 translators from around the world and I built a system where they could write the translations and record their voices.  

Beelinguapp for Android currently supports: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic.

Beelinguapp shows some ads to the users and has around 30-40% of the texts at a cost (the lowest price the play store allows me to).

Android users are already using and loving Beelinguapp; but unfortunately their choices of texts and languages are very limited, so my vision is not yet complete, I seek to reach and satisfy more learners through:

  • Many more stories and texts (currently I only have 31)
  • Support for more languages, such as Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, etc...
  • A well-built and polished iPhone app.
  • Some support managing the logistics, unfortunately I cannot both program and design the app and handle the logistics of dealing with the translators, social media, searching for new texts, etc... 

Some websites with content I would love to use such as require payment for permission to use their texts and I need some of those because I would love to use as many interesting sources as possible. 

I realized I need someone to help me with the development of a high quality iOS version of Beelinguapp, I've reached the limit of the amount of work I can do on my own with my iOS developing knowledge. 

Specific Goals 

My commitment to you if the money is raised is to have available in Beelinguapp at least:

  • 70 texts
  • 13 languages
  • A working iOS version  

By June 2017 at the most. 

Here are some screenshots of what the Android app looks like and how the iOS app will look as well:                 




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