Bed Block
Bed Block

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The Bed Block elevates your sleep experience by lifting your sheets away from your feet, allowing your body to focus on achieving optimal sleep cycles. Tenting the sheets off the toes creates enhanced airflow and increased comfort to help relieve symptoms associated with many common conditions: foot, ankle, and toe pain from injuries, restless legs, surgery recovery, foot and toe sensitivity, neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, cramping, lower back pain, and general sleep discomfort. If you want to sleep better, run, rock the drums, make your money on your feet, or hustle like a boss, don't worry--Bed Block offers a restful night for you. 

 The original Bed Block is comprised of a specially formulated foam base with an anti-microbial and odor-resistant cover. The foam is strong enough to keep your sheets, blankets, and comforter up and over your feet, while the cover helps to keep yo foot stank down. It's easy to use: simply turn down your sheets and place the Bed Block at the foot of your bed. (You can place the 45 degree angle against your feet for a more snug feeling or the 45 degree angle away from your feet to maximize height and airflow.) Pull your sheets back up and enjoy newfound freedom not experienced since 1776! 

The Bed Block does not discriminate. Whether you are a back, side, fetal, or stomach sleeper, you will benefit from the Bed Block's roomy air pocket that takes pressure off of your feet and helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you in that deep REM sleep cycle we savor so much.

Testimonial - "Dude, I overslept twice since I've had it! I feel like it makes me keep better posture. Rather than curl up, I keep my legs stretched." - AC

Other products on the market disappoint for a variety of reasons. Most are flimsy metal and bend or fall easily. They have screws, moving parts, and complicated assemblies. They tend to be expensive, ineffective, and frustrating, and it would hurt like hell if you happened to kick the bars above or next to your feet. That is the last thing you need when you are trying to show a little love to your tootsies. The Bed Block's simple foam design requires no assembly, includes a washable cover, and alleviates all of the fail points above--all while coming in at half the cost of the terrifying looking metal devices.  

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