Beauty Beneath the Waves
Beauty Beneath the Waves

The coast of North Carolina has become the watery grave for well over 2000 ships including more than 80 WWII era naval vessels.  These locations are rich in historic value as well as a bountiful variety of marine life including fish, coral, sharks, sea turtles, rays and so much more.

As a diver who enjoys being surrounded by all the wonder and beauty beneath the surface of the ocean, I want to document some of the most interesting wrecks as well as a few natural reefs available for exploration right here in my home state, but I can't do it alone!

To make this project a reality, I've teamed up with Team Zig-Zag from These guys are not only amazing divers, spearfishing experts, boat captains and underwater photographers & videographers, they've got more experience diving the coast of North Carolina than just about anyone. I firmly believe that there is no better crew available to get the footage required for this project.

In order to really do this right, I will need to get some new gear, upgrade some of my existing gear and make lots of dives which require lots of gas for the boat.

Once all the pictures are taken and the location descriptions are written, there will be publishing costs to get the book printed. The one place I'm not willing to sacrifice on quality is the book itself. Since a lot of the content will be photographs, it's important that the book be printed in color, on high quality paper. 

The intent is to create a 200 page book documenting 15 to 20 locations. Most of these locations will be shipwrecks though there may be a few natural reefs mixed in. I will update the project as I decide on the final locations.

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