Beautiful Utility Pack With A Minimalist Feel
Beautiful Utility Pack With A Minimalist Feel

Backpacks have been with you since the beginning. It was with you on your first day of school, first time traveling somewhere new, and everywhere since. Wearing a backpack has become more than just carrying things conveniently, it’s become an extension of you. 


Like you, we love backpacks but we noticed a problem, functionality had become an enemy to design. A backpack that had every feature you want, usually looked like one of Dr. Frankenstein’s creations. We need a bag that has the features we want, and also looks good in every situation. As modern renaissance men, we need a bag that looks good in business, during travel, at school, we wanted a bag that looks so good you will want to wear it naked. 

As we scoured the web, we couldn’t find a backpack to bridge the gap between functionality and design.

So went got to work. 

We started Pask to solve a problem.  Create a minimalistic backpack that looks amazing while being incredibly functional. We’ve slaved over every detail of the pack, met with top designers, engineers and world renowned manufacturers.After almost a year of design, prototyping and testing, The Pask Pack is finished.




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