BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE T-shirts, hats and headbands
BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE T-shirts, hats and headbands

This project has already launched.

Our company was launched in November 2017. Since then we have allready prepared for you about 100 products. We hope that will not need to stop, so that is why we need some money.

By purchasing our product you can help us - local people in Slovakia to make more and more.


We have some satisfied clients and you can see them also in the video, however it is not enough. We would like to raise some money to start our own advertising campaign to promote us.

We will be very happy if you will like any of our product and we are ready to send you anything you want right now.

You can see all of our product here. Please, feel free to contact us any time if you have any question. 

Thank you! :)

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