Beast Clans
Beast Clans

Beast Clans is a collectible card battle game, set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by beasts. After Humans, Beasts have taken control of Earth. The Animals have evolved, formed kingdoms and the planet is on the brink of war.  Each clan boasts different warriors. There are 7 known clans so far…. Ocean, Marsh, Jungle, Desert, Mountain, Savannah, and the Rebel Kingdom.

Two to six players can battle for territory. With over 450 different cards, we invite you to gather your kingdom and fight for your territory.

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We have put our heart and souls into building a universe that is rich and complex. We combine the best aspects of building a post apocalyptic storyline with inspirational and villainous characters to build a world full of adventure. This is a map of the known universe where the fight for glory begins!


We have some incredible artists and visionaries that have developed a unique back-story for each character. The character’s story and experience helps shape their unique attributes. These attributes define their strength and weaknesses when batting against enemies. We would like to introduce you to few of our unique characters in the known kingdoms.

Desert Clan

  • Slice Stallion
  • Prince Dark Sting
  • King Tutankabra
  • Queen Shock Fox
  • T. Butcher

Jungle Clan


  • P Dart
  • Prince Shadow
  • King G Bone Crusher
  • Queen Conda
  • Jag Tootha

Marsh Clan

  • Punchout Python
  • Prince LeGrog
  • King Croc Tak
  • Queen Night Swan
  • Tomma Wolf

Mountain Clan

  • Baboom
  • Prince Grizzlar
  • King Ramizard
  • Coyoshe
  • Long Tooth

Safari Clan

  • Snipe Stripe
  • Prince Stronghorn
  • King Iron Lion
  • Queen Elle Phan
  • Hyblade

Water Clan

  • Jet Ray
  • Prince Great Jaw
  • King Blue Whall
  • Princess Delphine
  • Tri Sword

Beautifully Illustrated Cards


Our cards have been designed to be bright, fun, and easy to find the statistical and narrative information you need to go into battle. Right away, you can see the characters name, image, description, life, and hit points. All you need to make quick and informed decisions to beat the competition.

Starter Pack with 2 duel decks

The starter deck pack has TWO decks, so you and a friend can start battling as soon as you open them. This is the Jungle and Ocean starter deck and you can get 2 other starter decks too:

  • Mountain and Marsh
  • Savannah and Desert

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