Bears Can't Drift
Bears Can't Drift

A fast-paced kart racer inspired by classics like Diddy Kong and Mario Kart 64. Challenge your friends and drift your way to victory!

So few games have split-screen any more and we want to change that. Bears can't drift is a fun multiplayer game that you can enjoy with a few friends and a pizza. We have been taking on feedback from our fans and have made so many changes. Our drifting system is tighter and the game is more fast paced than ever! 

  • 2-4 Player Split-Screen Multiplayer action.
  • Championship Cup mode
  • Single Player ‘Ghost’ Time Trial and Practice modes.
  • 14 different Cups to choose from.  
  • 12 total tracks across 4 themes.  
  • Combine or upgrade items to make deadlier weapons!  
  • 4 different pickups become 14 different item possibilities!  
  • 8 characters and karts to choose from  

Bears Can't Drift is part of ouya's free the games fund. That means that every pound, euro or dollar that you donate will be matched by ouya!

As part of our PC release Bears Can't Drift is on steam greenlight!

As part of a stretch goal we will also be releasing Bears Can't Drift onto PS4.

If there are any platforms you want to see Bears Can't Drift on then let us know!

The weapon system we have planned is kind of like a crafting system. There are four base pickups. Boost, Rocket, Shield and Trap. Each has their own colour coded box that you drive over to collect.

After picking up the item, you can either use it straight away, or you can combine it with another item to make something completely different that inherits the powers of both items.

 In our current build we have the speed boost and rocket. Those can be combined with themselves to make more powerful versions. With the various combinations their are 14 different powerups you can use.

We have had a lot of feedback on our track design and have made a lot of changes. We only have one track that you can play but with your help we will be making 12 tracks split between 4 different themes. Forest , Canyon, Arctic and Neon. Each theme gets 3 levels of varying difficulty.

Tracks have jumps, obstacles and areas that will slow you down.

 Our first track has a sneaky shortcut, so be on the look out when you try it out!

We also want to create a championship cup mode. Here you can race across three set tracks, the winner is the one who does the best across all the tracks.

 Play Bears Can't Drift

Want to try it for yourself. We have a PC build that you can download and play now!

You can also download and play it on your Ouya!

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