Beard Grooming site and brand
Beard Grooming site and brand

We are a digital communication company; providing SMES with Webproductions, Content, Advice, SEO and Advisory.  We got 11+ years of experience in this biz, and have decided to use that in a slightly different way...


We have researched the beard and male grooming sites selling world wide, and noticed that almost everyone markets the same brands and overcharging on a level where you scare customers away.  I (Chris) started to look in to it, negotiating with manufacturers, ordered a logo for an own brand and started working on a site.  Even booked a domain. 


The margins on beard products are great, and it´s an increasing biz according to recent news and numbers. 


Its a lot of manufacturers out there so its a buyers market, and the number of people with long beards are increasing. 


With my negotiation and marketing skills, it would not be hard to be between 5 and 50% cheaper than other online stores,  depending on product. 


It has never been more people with beards large enough for grooming products such as oils and balms. A 30 ml bottle of beard oil can cost between 7 and 45 euro retail. 

To only target one land would be ignorant, once the SEO and marketing are in place, the world is the market, even though i believe that most sales will come from Arabia, Europe and U.S. 


It is a lot of sites selling male grooming products, but with the prices i have received it wold not be a problem to  be cheaper on almost every product.  With google shopping applications and active SEO people will find out who to go to, very quickly,


I am currently working on the shop, and have a logo that will stick to your mind. I will order sets with balm and oil, to out my own logo on, and slowly and slowly increase the number of products under my own brand, even though i think it is important to always offer several brands and sizes of packaging. 


Marketing companies like this are my profession and i will use all my time and knowledge to give it that extra push to stand out. - When you google beard grooming i want to cover the whole first page on google within a year.


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