BEAK - Your Smart Remote Control for Everything!
BEAK - Your Smart Remote Control for Everything!

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Take control of every connected device in your home and throw away all your current remotes – BEAK is your ultimate, truly universal remote control. 

BEAK: Making the Future of IoT Happen

If you are ready to take a step forward, then BEAK is the right option for you and your home. The BEAK interface is designed to be simple and easy to pick up, connecting with all sorts of smart devices so that you can run your home in a centralized way from any mobile device or computer.

A True Leader

Like a leader who takes command to lead, ControlAny’s smart home automation product BEAK redefines the concept of intelligent living with its tremendous adaptability and potential to seamlessly integrate with an array of devices. By controlling home lighting, color hue, temperature, blinds, projector and entertainment devices, BEAK emerges as a TRUE LEADERin home automation segment. Explore our highly innovative product that obeys over 65000+ commands from 2000+ models and 500+ brands.

Our wireless Communications 

BEAK Supports trending RF protocols, (Bluetooth integration along with selection between ZigBee, WiFi, ZWave), these protocols are mainly used for Automation.(Home, Building, Industrial). These protocols also help to communicate with other 3rd party hubs & devices.

Explore the BEAK Skill Set

The BEAK’s indicative feature is that it integrates with devices such as the Philips Hue - to control home mood lighting, the Nest - to keep the house at optimum temperature, the Wink - for safeguard and security, the Sonos - for the best audio experience, the virtual assistant Amazon Echo, Flic, Samsung SmartThings and the list continues because of range of communication protocols used to cover all other major devices.

Brands - BEAK works with 

Control appliances including air conditions of all major brands with easy to use remote interfaces.


The Conception

A germ of the idea in the brain gives birth to a concept, and the journey begins. Given below are the various stages of the journey that BEAK underwent before it actually materialized into its present shape & form.

Design Elegance

Designed with elegance and aesthetics in mind, BEAK is shaped perfectly for traditional, contemporary and the modern homes of today, taking smart living one step ahead. The device is rich in looks and no bigger than an average router in size


The elegance is not restricted to a sleek device but also the richness of user interface. It comes with intelligent integration to IoT platforms, multiple user management, and superb learning skills.



Unmatched Feature offering by BEAK.

BEAK's capabilities are not limited to current brands only, its One Key command feature helps configure a remote control with any current and future brand devices without any complex updates.

IoT device cloud integration makes BEAK connect with a completely new range of devices and continuously grows its capabilities without complex updates and take control by limiting user access as you like.

Skeleton view

BEAK™ syncs smoothly with all wireless protocols including Zigbee, Zwave , and BLE. It’s also enabled temperature and humidity detection, it can identify proximity when a person is nearby and it can ambient light sensors and also a built-in USB charging facility.

  • Capacitive Touch and the proximity sensor is merged completely with the main body to provide smart sensing controls.
  • Light, temperature, and humidity sensors are placed in such a way that its omnipresence provides correct environmental sensing data and easy access for users.
  • High-quality ABS parts are made with injection moulding and have sufficient draft to the demould plastic piece.
  • Transparent polycarbonate with IR pigment is having 100% of transmission because of good optical performance and self-extinguishing properties.
  • Aluminium metal ring at the centre of the main housing provides strength to complete monologue design and its multi-color display gets aligned with any interior theme.
  • Top Surface - Scratch resistant to withstand heavy use and include IR pigments to ensure 360 degrees’ long-range signal without interference.

A True Virtuoso

BEAK has the capability to wrest controls of appliances from their respective remotes and transfer them to you through an app on your mobile device of your choice. It works through ControlAny - an IoT platform.

Smart Features

The capability to learn and other smart feature like Schedule Engine, Recipe Engine, Advanced Sharing, Facebook ChatBOT & Voice control helps a consumer to sit back and relax.  

Schedule Engine

Plan and schedule all the tasks. Leave the execution to BEAK. All your things will be done on time, as you planned. When you have BEAK as a trusted assistant, you can afford to sit back and relax.


Recipe Engine

BEAK allows to create different set of recipes as per user’s routine and lifestyle. Which covers predefined set of rules for operating devices in sequence or parallel mechanism. Recipe sets up a perfect ecosystem for user to act as a virtual assistant.



Advance Sharing

The buck doesn't stop there. Once you have the controls, you can also share them with your near and dear ones.


Facebook Chat

Facebook ChatBot is your personal assistant available all the time and ready to perform tasks directed by you.


Voice Control

If you are occupied, just speak and it does what you say.

Future Ready

BEAK is future-ready - A brighter future is possible only if we all come together to build it. With the ConrolAny IoT platform, we can achieve something that more closely resembles the optimistic vision that we see in science fiction. Your home can become a wonderland of technology; we can help you to make it happen!



BEAK is the smartest device on the block… no doubt it has garnered the media attention that it deserves, like any smart thing.

Demo Impact- BEAK early user feedback

BEAK in the Making

The first glimpse when we have got our prototype completed and hold it in our hand first time.

The BEAK Experience

Technical Specification

The Story of Evolution

From Idea to Execution. BEAK Evolution in terms of quality, offerings, technology etc over time to better serve its purpose. 

Product Timeline

Our Journey of Success
The start-off to take-off of as BEAK hurtles forward to fly unrestrained

Stretch Goals

Support-us and we will expand our services more


The Impact

A brighter future is possible only if we all come together to build it. With the BEAK platform, we can achieve something that more closely resembles the optimistic vision that we see in science fiction. Your home can become a wonderland of technology; we can help you to make it happen!


Q: How do I get started with BEAK?

A: Get a BEAK, Unbox the package, Put the batteries, Switch on the device. You will see a glowing indication of start, download the app and you are ready."

Q: How many appliances can be controlled by BEAK?

A: BEAK is having the support of almost unlimited appliances, but it will limit on the mobile phone."

Q: How does the BEAK connect to my devices?

A: BEAK Only Connects to your Mobile Phone, Via ControlAny App.

Q: What is the range of the BEAK?

A: 30 meters. 

Q: What should I do, if not able to operate my TV with the app?

A: Maybe you're we are not supporting your appliance, but you can learn BEAK your remote. Just follow the instruction to Learn remote. Still not able to control write to us with TV model."

Q: How to connect it with my SmartThings or Wink Hub?

A: Start to add a procedure to your Hub and touch 3 times on the front of the BEAK. On successful connection, it will blink Green otherwise blink Red.

Q: How it works with SmartThing Hub?

A: BEAK will act as a multi-sensor device, and it will connect to the Hub as a smart sensor. It supports Temperature, Humidity, Heat index and ALS sensors.

Q: What is Refund & Return Policy?

A: You may return our product for a full refund for any reason within 7 days of receiving it. It must be returned in the original packaging. If the product is defective or damaged while delivery, we will pay for return shipping.


Q: How will I know if the BEAK is connected to my phone or my hub?

A: There is a unique color indication, mention in Manual, when BEAK connects to any Device.

Q: I’ve found a software bug (something is not working/functioning strangely), how can I report this?



Other ways you can Support-us

Beyond making a monetary contribution, you can help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family. Go ahead and post the campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people are aware of BEAK, especially people who are into smart home building and smart living already, the smoother this campaign will go. We appreciate all contributions, monetary and otherwise, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing!






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