Be Legend - Ragnarok
Be Legend - Ragnarok

Be Legend - Ragnarok is a strategic game based on legends, myths and other works of fiction and nonfiction. This set is based on Norse mythology and features favorites such as Odin, Loki and of course, Thor. Also included are lesser-known (but just as deadly) figures such as Surt the Fire Giant, Freya the Enchantress and Fenrir the Great Wolf. In total, there are 8 playable and customizable characters to choose from in the base set, with many more planned for the expansions.

Each character in Be Legend has two Unique Abilities. Thor, Surt and Fenrir have powerful knockout abilities that showcase their dominating strength, making them fearsome in battle. Odin and Herja have more strategic styles and the ability to seek out information, giving them an edge in the deductive elements of the game. Then you have the deceivers, who focus on treachery and control, such as Loki and Hel.

Freya can be played as either a strategic character or a deceiver, depending on which Basic Ability cards are used. Cards allow you to customize any character’s style, in fact. The combination of cards you take into battle determines how you play, so you can choose the style that most suits you.

Personally, I tend to lean more toward evasion/control. Which game style will you adopt?

Players begin with identical decks of basic abilities to choose from. Each player will then add two unique ability cards to their deck based on the character they picked. Out of the deck, only six ability cards will be picked for use during the game.  

These ability card decks, along with movement and direction cards, will allow players to move around the board, knock out opponents, siege enemy realms, and capture emblems.

The combat round begins with players simultaneously playing three cards face down: one of their six ability cards, one of two reusable direction cards (clockwise or counterclockwise), and one movement card indicating the number of spaces they will move that turn (1-6).

Once the cards are played, the players reveal their chosen ability cards. Some ability cards provide speed, some negate attacks, and others have awesome and unexpected effects, such as manipulating emblems, cards, and decks.

After the ability cards have been revealed, players take turns showing their movement and direction cards.

The goal is to obtain one emblem from each player. During your turn, you can land on an opponent's unoccupied realm to claim their emblem. You can also land on your opponent, which knocks them out and allows you to take any emblem that they have obtained.

Combat rounds continue until a victor is determined. The first player who successfully collects and retains an emblem from each opponent wins the game.

(2) Unique Ability Cards for each character

(2) Unique Ability Cards for each character

Unique character boards for each character

Emblems and Realm Tokens

Game Board

Player Pawns

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