Bball- fun game & Gadget
Bball- fun game & Gadget

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Bball Gadget:


The various ways to use the Bball:

1. A key holder- No more losing your key. From now on, the keys have a new place. You can place the Bball on your door or any place next to your entrance.

2. Car mount - with the metal plate, the Bball is attached to the dashboard. Another metal plate sticks to your smartphone case, and your phone is in-front of you. 

3. A photo and memo holder- On your PC screen or your fridge, you can easily display your photos and memos.

4. The Bball can be attached to a glass and used for taking selfies or even to watch a movie no matter where you are.

Bball Game:

The Bball game is a classic, do it your self-game, it makes the kids busy for hours. Every kid likes the magic of the magnet, every kid likes to paint and use sticker. 

The kids will be proud of creating it, and it will be a little memory that will last a lifetime.

There are various kinds of games:

1. A match - match game / Memory Game
The tops have to be painted or covered with stickers only on the inside, so while the tops are on the table, the players cannot see the color inside the lid. They must pick up the tops with the Bball and find two of the same color. Whoever has the most couples is the winner

2. Collect as many of a color as you can
All the tops are painted on both sides. All the players can see all the colors. Each player chooses one color to pick up with a magnetic Bball.
The goal is to pick up the same color tops.
The player plays until he picks up a lid with the wrong color.
Once he picks up the wrong color, his turn is over. 
The first player who picks up all his colored tops, wins.

 3. Each player chooses one color to pick up, using the magnetic Bball.
The goal is to pick up the same color tops as the Bball in the player's hand. The player needs to lift only his colored tops.  Since the magnet is very strong, it is not an easy task at all.

 Bball Full image gallery:

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