Bauhound: Redefining the Modern Dog Sweater
Bauhound: Redefining the Modern Dog Sweater

At Bauhound, we want to change the way you look at dog fashion. We are launching our first line of stylish, edgy and functional dog sweaters. Made of 100% alpaca wool, our sweaters will keep your dog warm and looking like a star every time. 

Fashion trends are constantly evolving. So why shouldn’t canine fashion get an update? Gone are the days of stuffy Victorian garb and ill-fitting clothes from the 80's. At Bauhound, we want to create clothing that fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of today’s contemporary dog, from vacations with their humans to playdates with other pups. Our designs bring out your dogs’s individuality— something to celebrate, while staying stylish and comfortable.


Like cashmere, alpaca is a natural fiber that looks and feels luxurious, and it can be equally, if not more, durable. The cashmere we know today is not sustainable. The grasslands in China cannot support the hungry goats required to keep up with the massive demands of cashmere, thus turning the grasslands into wastelands. On the other hand, the environmental footprint of an alpaca is far lighter than a cashmere goat’s. Alpaca wool is also warmer than sheep's wool, making it the perfect material to keep your pups cosy all winter. In a nutshell, alpaca wool is:

  • renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly
  • stylish, substantial and durable
  • naturally elastic, soft and silky 
  • takes & retains natural dye very well 
  • insulating yet lightweight
  • isn’t prickly like sheep’s wool 
  • hypoallergenic 
  • naturally water repellant

It took months of brainstorming to define our aesthetic point of view. I am inspired by runway fashion, art, architecture and everything in between. After months of intense experimentation with endless design variations and tweaks, I finally found the perfect combination of colors and lines. The colorful pompoms are just the icing on the cake!

Check out our design inspirations here.

  • 100% alpaca wool keeps your pup warm and toasty.
  • Hood helps keep your pup's ears warm.
  • Leash opening for all the harness-wearing pups.
  • Each sweater comes attached with a special alpaca pompom.

What better place to find a manufacturer than where the alpacas live with direct, local access to some of the world’s finest alpaca? This is the main reason why we are partnering with artisans in Bolivia. The tradition of handcrafted, quality work is a long one in Bolivia, taking generations to perfect. It provide jobs for over 300 women with fair pay and the best labor conditions, creating lasting change in their communities. 


Email us at and let us know your preferred size. 
If there is enough demand we might start producing it!   


Our funding goal is $3000, all of which will be put into the production cost.

We are committed to delivering this project as designed. If we reach our funding goal, we will ship out all rewards within 4 weeks or less. 

Our first batch of dog sweaters is already in production. When you back us, you can trust this project will come to life. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

All me and Nugget need is your support!

If you're an international backer, you may have to pay import duties, taxes, or fees when your shipment arrives. If your country charges any sort of tax or fee on your shipment, it's your responsibility to pay it.

If your sweater doesn't fit, we will be happy to exchange it for you. We accept exchanges within a window of 30 days from date of shipment for sweaters in their original condition. To initiate an exchange, contact us at 

Your support on Kickstarter is designed to help us bring the product to life, and enables you early access to our new products at a discount. Because of this special arrangement, we do not accept returns of Kickstarter products either for refunds or store credit. If you're not comfortable with this, we suggest you wait until the blazer is in stock to buy on our store in late 2016.

Hello, I am Xuan, the founder of Bauhound. Nugget is a French Bulldog who came into my life less than a year ago. Being an illustrator and graphic designer, I naturally started obsessing about finding well-designed and stylish clothes for Nugs. She looks best in bright clothing since it contrasts beautifully with her dark coat. Given the relatively small canine fashion market, I had trouble finding colorful and playful sweaters for Nugs that align with my vision and show off her larger-than-life personality.

We hope that you can fulfill our dream of creating our own line of dog apparel and goods that combines both my creative vision and Nugget's involement. Our sweaters is the first product we are launching, and we plan to retail on our website by Dec 2016:

Risks and challenges

We have started out first batch of production to make sure that we can ship our dog sweaters right in time for winter around late November. However, if we have more orders than anticipated, we will need to have a second round of production to fulfill orders (should this happens, ideally we would ship the 2nd batch by Dec 2016).

(Tip: Back us early to receive your dog sweater by the first half of Dec!)

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