BattleCups: A New Twist on a Pong Classic
BattleCups: A New Twist on a Pong Classic


Beer pong is a classic, but that doesn't mean we can't spruce it up! BattleCups is the next greatest party game soon to sweep America.

We have designed two pieces-- a Bow/Stern and Midsection-- which can be combined to make a number of different ships. The pieces clip together like puzzle pieces to allow you to maneuver your ships during the course of the game. When you sink a cup, simply remove it from the holder!

Each official set of BattleCups will come with:

  • 8 Bow/Stern Pieces x2
  • 4 Midsection Pieces x2
  • 12 Red Cups & 12 Blue Cups
  • 6 Ping Pong Balls
  • 2 Game Grids

Pieces will be made out of durable plastic, so they're easier to wash and store because of their nesting design.

The BattleCups Game Manual includes custom rules and gameplays such as:

  • Modern Warfare
  • Brown Water Engagement
  • The Battle of Midway
  • The Battle of Jutland
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