Battleborn - Fantasy Card Game
Battleborn - Fantasy Card Game

Welcome to Battleborn

Battleborn is a turn-based multiplayer fantasy card game in which two players battle head to head. You first begin by selecting your party of three champions. Next, players will take turns using mana to determine what abilities their champions can use to harm the other player. Each champion has an ability set numbered 1-6, in which the player can choose up to one ability from each character to use from their current mana pool. Last player to live wins!


Each champion has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Based on the champion's class, you will have an idea of what type of abilities that champion can offer.


There are four main classes in Battleborn:

Offensive - High Damage, Low Control, Medium Health

Defensive - Low Damage, Medium Control, High Health

Hybrid - Medium Damage, Medium Control, Medium Health

Supportive - Medium Damage, High Control, Low health

Champion Draft

First start by rolling dice or flipping a coin to see who will pick first. Simply alternate turns selecting champions until you have a party of 3. You may only have one character per class.

Opening Phase

The opening phase starts at the beginning of the players turn. This phase is where all status effects will be rolled to see if they persist or cease. In addition, this phase will also apply any delayed actions from a previous turn.

Combat Phase

The combat phase follows the opening phase. This is the main phase where the player will take his/her action roll. The player will use their current mana pool and will then select a character to use an ability based on the spent mana.

The player will then select either an opponent or ally to act upon. If there are no status effects preventing the character to act, it will proceed with the action. 

Closing Phase

The closing phase ends the players turn. All status effects that only last for 1 turn will be removed from the characters after the closing phase. 

Status Effects

There are many status effects in this game that give certain advantages in situations. Some sample status effects are:

Empower - Grant an ally an additional X amount of damage on the next damaging action

Freeze - Target character an opponent controls cannot act next turn

Shield - Grant an ally a shield that absorbs X amount of damage on the next damaging action

Game Modes

In the future I would like to incorporate other game modes that the players can choose.

2v2 -  Have 4 players? Play in a 2v2 setting.

Juggernaut - 3 players face 1 powerful player.

Ranked - 1v1 ladder system in which players gain rewards at the end of the season. (iOS/Android Only)


Battleborn combines many elements from the card games we love to play. I wanted this game to have a very limited ruleset to ensure a new player can hop in at any moment. I felt that most trading card games focus a bit too much on the rarity of the card. We wanted this game to be more focused on the balance of all cards to make the game much more enjoyable to play. 









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