Battlebards - Fantasy Audio for Tabletop Gamers Done Right!
Battlebards - Fantasy Audio for Tabletop Gamers Done Right!

Battlebards is the most expansive tabletop audio library and tools ever assembled, entirely accessible through your browser.Tailor made background music inspired by fantasy races, voiceover scripts written to bring life to everyday NPC interactions, and a colossal array of bone crushing, spell fire blasting sound effects... this is immersive gaming at its best. 


Battlebards is brought to you by the team behind the successful Kickstarter Realmsound Project 2.0. With $25,000 invested in custom fantasy audio over 3 years, Battlebards is our way of sharing a vast audio vault of great fantasy scores, effects, voice overs, soundscapes, etc. with a like-minded community. 

Starting with a library of over 500 cherry-picked tracks we plan to grow the audio vault to over 1000+ by early 2016 with new tracks being added monthly. If that wasn’t good enough, we have some great tools to help you organize your audio and even create your own custom tracks for your campaign straight from the browser. 

Trust us when that Red Dragon shocks your unassuming party with a roar of fiery death, they'll be trembling. Wanna gander a listen?



Using audio in gaming isn’t new, GMs have been using movie OSTs, YouTube, and free sound effects libraries for years but all of these resources are scavenged, repurposed, and sometimes jarringly inserted. Not anymore. Here is a taste of our Audio Vault, custom built. 

Imagine describing the ghastly scene of a Dark Elf sacrificial ritual at one of their wicked temples while playing the following track…

Making a loud ‘bang’ to accent the effect of a Beholder missing its disintegration eye ray and blasting apart the back wall during a fierce, chaos packed combat is one thing, playing the following track while asking your player to make their save check is another…    

Using the same voice you used for the last 10 NPCs you introduced in the city is one thing, playing the following track on the following trip to the tavern is another…    

 Want to listen to more? Of course you do!



We even produce some silly videos in an effort to help with how to use audio in games through our videos “Beyond the Title” and “Audio in Gaming”. One example: 



Our team is comprised of veteran GMs that have decades of experience using audio while at the gaming table. As such, every piece of audio in our Audio Vault has been painstakingly created for use IN-GAME. 

We start our process with a ‘creative brief’ which describes the purpose and uses for the score. We then open up for custom auditions from the best composers, voice talent, and sound effects gurus we have ever met. These guys are tagged to seriously awesome projects like Street Fighter, Diablo 3, League of Legends, Dragon Ball Z, Tango and Cash, etc. Once the auditions come in, we select the right artist to work with, and go through a final refinement process before the master track is produced. 

In all the entire process from idea to masterpiece takes up to 50 hours per track!

And with this campaign we are planning to source over 100+ premium audio tracks that can be streamed from the Battlebards Service. Of course the more Stretch Goals we unlock the more audio we will add!




As seasoned gamers, we know that scrambling for the right audio file is death at the gaming table; it's completely unacceptable.  The Battlebards Soundboard brings audio closer to the GM than ever before.  

The soundboard is a way to seamlessly integrate audio at the gaming table. Organize it however you like with our audio and with your own personal audio collection (The Lord Tier and above). Create Playlists for your next epic scene or even for frequently used sound effects.

Working Concept Look-and-Feel 
Working Concept Look-and-Feel



With the Mixer (Champion Tier and above), create your own dramatic scenes that’ll leave your players with Mt. Dew spilling from their lips by controlling the layering, cropping, and timing of various tracks together to create a seamless masterpiece. See for yourself:








To illustrate the use of the mixer even further imagine an apocalyptic mix that starts off with a barrage of fireballs impacting the side of a castle wall. Maybe you want 5 fireballs, or maybe 15? Thought so, you sicko. You can organize the mix to play the fireballs all together for a single deafening BOOM or maybe have them impact the castle wall sequentially, or maybe some combination of both. The choice is yours. 

If a working example is what you'd like, here's Alex giving us a taste of what the Mixer can do using an older prototype application from our last Kickstarter Campaign, Realmsound 2.0.


  • All graphical depictions describing the Mixer are purely for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the actual look-and-feel of the finished product. 
  • Videos showing the functionality of the Soundboard/Mixer is from an app developed during our last Kickstarter campaign and does not reflect the exact functionality or look-and-feel of the new Battlebards Soundboard/Mixer





Get online access to the entire Battlebards Audio Vault and monthly additions as they are approved.That’s 500+ painstakingly created Audio Tracks at the start of the service along with hundreds of mixes created by our own community specifically for tabletop gaming! This is JUST the beginning! From there we plan to increase our library to 1000+ by early 2016.

500+ Amazing Tracks to enhance your games

  • 300 Music, Sound Effects, Monsterscape, and Soundscape Tracks
  • 200 Language, Merchant, Townsfolk, and various Character Class Voice Over Tracks

What Else?

  • 1 Month Membership to the service anywhere on a desktop/laptop/tablet browser with net connection
  • The Buddy Code! Refer your friends to pledge for the Battlebards Kickstarter and receive cool benefits. See the Buddy Code section below for more details!

Everything from the Apprentice Tier and you get access to the Soundboard which makes infusing your game in audible context painless!

  • Create unlimited Playlists of your favorite tracks and organize them for your gaming sessions within the Soundboard. Perhaps load one up with ambient background music and use another in real-time for casting of spells and racial language voice overs
  • Play multiple tracks concurrently and customize tracks on the fly
  • Share your Playlists with the community and vote for your favorite ones

What Else?

  • 6 Months Membership to the service anywhere on a desktop/laptop/tablet browser with a net connection
  • Beta Access! The moment we launch into Full Beta you will get your access pass before we open Battlebards up to the public at large. We’re anticipating this to be 1 month earlier than official launch (August 2016)
  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at the Adventurer Level on your Battlebards Profile Page! All future subscribers will always know that YOU were the reason for why the service went live.
  • Stretch Goal 1 Eligible!

In addition to accessing everything the Adventurer Tier offers, the Champion level opens up the MIXER on the soundboard, allowing you to easily create your own custom scenes for your games and share them with the Battlebards community. How about casting a massive lightning bolt with spell incantation et all? Use the Infernal Language for spell casting and then have it fade out as the sounds of a crackling Lightning Bolt Spell explodes with dramatic effect. There’s going to be more audio available than you can fit in a Bag of Holding!

We described the features in The Mixer section above but what the hell, it's worth diving into even more:

  • Layer together over a dozen tracks to script the perfect Mix for your campaigns
  • Crop your tracks so you get just the sound you're looking for. 
  • Script when each track plays. Maybe you want to kick thing off with a tavern owner greeting the party followed by voices of drunken fighters arguing in the background, and finishing it off with the sounds of metal clanging as they strike swords. Easy.
  • Fading. Want a sound effect to fade in? Or a voice over to fade out? Maybe some cross fading between tracks? So do we.
  • Speed Control. Sometimes we want to slow things down to really capture that dramatic moment or speed things up to highlight heavy action.
  • Loop. Imagine a town being bombarded by one too many fireballs. The sound of destruction can go on for hours in-game and you want that represented? Easy as pie. Just loop your mix and you can hear the violence for as long as you like.
  • Volume Control per track. Create mixes where your players hear the distant echo of a voice in the background while your Bard is playing a song in the foreground.

What Else?

  • 12 Months Membership at this Tier
  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at the Champion Level on your Battlebards Profile Page!
  • Stretch Goal 2 Eligible!

Note: Creating Mixes can only be done from a Desktop or Laptop browser for now. Tablets will be able to Play Mixes. 


In addition to all the awesome stuff the Champion Tier brings you, now you can access Battlebards Cloud.

  • Upload your own personal audio collection to Battlebards
  • Access your tracks from anywhere you have an internet connection on your desktop/laptop/tablet
  • Create custom Playlists and Mixes combining your tracks with those on Battlebards.
  • 5 Gigs of online space made available to you. That’s about 1250 average mp3 tracks.
  • Bonus Cloud Storage! Since you’re a Kickstarter Backer we’re DOUBLING that space! Another 5 Gigs of Battlebards Cloud Storage space (Total = 10 Gigs). This will not be made available to anyone that isn’t a Kickstarter Backer.

What Else?

  • 15 Months Membership at this Tier
  • Pre-Beta Access! That means you’ll get first dibs to use the service before anyone else! We’re anticipating this to be 2 months earlier than official launch
  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at The Lord Level on your Battlebards Profile Page!
  • Stretch Goal 3 Eligible!

In addition to The Lord Tier brings you, here are a bunch of fun additions make your experience even more awesome:

  • 18 Months Membership at this Tier
  • 10 Gigs of online space made available to you. That’s about 2500 average mp3 tracks
  • Bonus Cloud Storage! Since you’re a Kickstarter Backer we’re DOUBLING that space! Another 10 GB of Battlebards Cloud Storage space (Total = 20GB). This will not be made available to anyone that isn’t a Kickstarter Backer.
  • Our Original Soundboard! We got this super Soundboard App funded during our last Kickstarter and we would love to share it with all of you while we prep Battlebards. After the Kickstarter Funding period ends, you can start mixing away with your own tracks immediately with our current Windows/Mac compatible Soundboard App! Checkout an early walkthrough of the Soundboard below to get a deeper glimpse into what it can do. 
  • Battlebards Council Invite! Become a trusted adviser to the Battlebards Team! We will need input and guidance to determine new audio and features for the service and you will be our go-to sounding board (har har). You will also receive preferential treatment for all new perks / offers / discounts. That means you get it first and you get it best!

What Else?

  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at The Planeswalker Level on your Battlebards Profile Page!
  • Loyalty Program: Every 3 consecutive months you receive free audio for download along with other perks we are just planning.
  • ALL Stretch Goals are Eligible!

LIMITED TIER! Want something EXTRA special? Some of our top composers and voice talent are creating something extra special just for you. So, in addition to The Planeswalker Tier, The Demigod Tier gives you EXCLUSIVE access and VOTING rights for 5 more custom pieces of audio from our hand-picked, best of the best audio talent!  

Here is the Custom Audio you will be creating:

  • 3 Music Tracks in WAV/.mp3 formats
  • 1 Sound Effects Pack in WAV/.mp3 formats
  • 1 Voice Over script with your character’s name in it in WAV/.mp3 formats

You will get to help decide what exactly these audio pieces will be.  Think we need a Mountain Range Soundscape?  How about a music track featuring life deep in a Dwarf Clanhold?  Be a part of Battlebards history by being the first to shape these premium tracks! 

What Else?

  • 24 Months Membership at this Tier
  • 100 Downloadable Audio Tracks from the Battlebards Audio Vault. These are hand selected tracks from the audio vault that will cover music, sound effects, and voice overs and be provided to you in high quality WAV and .mp3 formats. Note: These tracks are NOT the same tracks offered in the The Audio Vault Add On Bundle (below).
  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at The Demigod Level on your Battlebards Profile Page! 

LIMITED TIER! Our Crème de la Crème. In addition to all the amazing stuff of The Demigod Tier, The Battlebard Tier is THE Tier for the loyalist and true believer in what Battlebards stands for!

What do you get? A LIFETIME Membership to Battlebards. Yep, all the cool new audio and features that we build will be yours and you’ll never have to pluck down a cent more for it!!  

Note: It’s important to state that Battlebards does reserve the right to offer future features and exclusive tracks which may not include members of this Tier. With that said, we do not have any plans to exclude our backers from any core benefits moving forward.

What Else?  

  • Audio Vault Add-On included for FREE ($100 Value)! If the Lifetime membership wasn’t enough we’re giving away the Audio Vault Add-On for FREE! That’s 200 more tracks from our audio vault all in high quality WAV and .mp3 formats. 
  • Custom Kickstarter Profile Badge for Pledging at The Battlebard Level on your Battlebards Profile Page!



Add an additional $100 to your Pledge and receive the Battlebards Audio Vault Add-on Pack! It contains a selection of 200 audio tracks we have sourced in the past. Everything from Orc War March music to Draconic Language voice overs to monster roars and sounds of spells being cast. All of these tracks are provided in WAV and mp3 formats for you to download immediately after the Kickstarter campaign has ended and been funded!  


  • To backers of our last Realmsound Project 2.0 Kickstarter campaign: A large number of these tracks were sourced during our last Kickstarter campaign. 
  • These tracks will also be available to stream on the Battlebards service 
  • This pack is included as a reward for The Battlebards Tier

Once we are funded it's all about the Stretch Goals. And we are excited to include you as part of the creative process for every track labeled "By Backer Vote" below. We'll share more information on how you can participate in shaping the audio we'll all be enjoying at the gaming table once we're funded.  


Note: All Stretch Goals will be gifted as .WAV/.mp3 files and will also be available to stream on the Battlebards service. 


The following is how your generous pledges will be used to get the service off the ground with what has been promised.

Audio Sourcing: We plan to use the funds to increase the Battlebards Audio Vault by over 100 tracks at the base $10,000 funding level.Of course, the more stretch goals we knock out, the more audio EVERYONE will get from start of the service.

Development of Service: Our development is largely in-house, hence why we can afford to develop the Battlebards service on such a low budget. Still we need to allow our small dev team the basic necessities (food and rent) to “survive” the critical months of development ahead. We also need to hire freelancers for the art and design of the service. 

Legal/Misc: Organizing the business, hiring legal counsel, and putting together our licensing contracts for more great audio. 


We have some awesome ways for you guys to earn some more cool rewards just by spreading the word on what we are all trying to achieve:

1.) Buddy Code Referrals: Refer your friends and earn more months of Battlebards Service!

2.) Your Personal Battlebards Achievement: Earn some more cool audio just by doing a few activities.

3.) Community Achievements: Work together, earn together. As you knock out those Personal Battlebards Achievements, you're contributing towards unlocking community based achievements that will upgrade the Stretch Goal rewards! 



Want more months of service for free? Well, it’s easy! If you pledge at the Apprentice Tier or higher we will send you a custom Buddy Code.

From there, get your buddies to pledge at the Apprentice Tier or higher. When the Kickstarter is funded, we will reward both you and your buddies.How does it work? Glad you asked:

If you were referred to Battlebards by a current backer:

  • First, pledge at the Apprentice Tier or Higher
  • Your Buddy should have shared with you his Buddy Code. 
  • Click on "Contact Me" and simply type in the Buddy Code you received. That's it! You and your Buddy will receive your benefits at the end of the Kickstarter campaign
  • You can only use a Buddy Code ONCE in this way.  Note: If you used a Buddy Code from a backer who removes his/her pledge then that use of the Buddy Code will not count towards your referral credit.

If you want to refer a Buddy:

  • After pledging at The Apprentice Tier or higher we will send you a custom Buddy Code. Share this code with your friends through email, Facebook. Twitter, etc. 
  • (1) When your buddy pledges at the Apprentice Tier or higher and (2) uses your Buddy Code, you AND your buddy receive a referral credit. Note: If the buddy removes his/her pledge then that use of the Buddy Code will not count towards your referral credit.
  • Your Buddy Code can be used by an unlimited number of unique backers.
Earn up to 3 Months of additional service at the Tier you backed in this way! 



We need your help in spreading the word! Above is your very personal Achievement Checklist.There are many ways to help to make Battlebards a success and we’ve given you a fun list of things we could think up. 

We want to thank you for spending your time and effort so we have a list of rewards that come with completing these achievements. We’re giving away exclusive WAV/.mp3 files if you choose to participate in these fun activities. These tracks will be made available to you right when we launch the service for download. Woooo!

Submit Your Achievements

As you complete the Achievements please go to this Google Doc and fill it out so that we can credit you: You CAN continue to edit it over time so don't worry about filling it out all at once. Just make sure to save the unique URL that the Google Doc gives you after you fill it out for the first time.

Achievements Detailed

The only pre-requisite to participating in the achievements checklist is that you are a backer. Let’s detail these achievements:

1. Back Our Kickstarter: Easy as pie to unlock! Just back us at any level!

2. Higher than Average Pledge: If you have pledged higher than the average amount when the Kickstarter is funded this achievement is unlocked!

3. Refer 1 Backer: Simply use your Buddy Code and get someone to back us using it. As long as you have at least 1 Buddy who has backed us when the Kickstarter is funded, this achievement is unlocked!

4. Refer 5+ Backers: Just like above, get at least 5 backers to use your Buddy Code.

5. Follow us on Social Media









6. Tweet our Kickstarter on Twitter. Just click below: 


10. Share our Kickstarter on Facebook. Make sure your post is set to public so that we can verify it. :)


11. Share our Kickstarter through email with your friends and Forward it to us at on it. We are not asking for access to your contact list so you can feel free to delete all of the email addresses when forwarding it to us. 

Want a template to use for emailing your friends and family? Here you go: 

“Hi there, I just backed Battlebards on Kickstarter to make my tabletop games more immersive. It’s Fantasy Audio for gamers done right, with hundreds of tracks ranging from original background scores to soundscapes to spell casting effects to merchant greetings plus all the tools to customize them for my campaigns. Let’s get them funded! Go here: <URL> ” 

12. Share our Kickstarter on an online forum you feel comfortable with. Just say why you backed us and whatever you find most interesting about it. If there is already someone who has posted on your forum of choice, just reply to it with your own thoughts on the Kickstarter. Remember to save the URL to the forum and include it when you update the Google Form (above).

13. Twitter-based Achievements: For all Tweets, please include @Battlebards within your tweet. There is no right or wrong way to approach these. Just have fun!



As you complete your personal achievement checklist you are also helping to complete the Community Achievements Checklist! And as the Community Achievement Checklist is ticked off there is room to celebrate with more rewards being added to the existing Stretch Goals! Note: All Tweet Achievements are tabulated based off of all Tweets that satisfy the personal Achievements Checklist.


We’re Gamers.Composed of 4 founders (Alex, Arya, Kyn, Mike) who have been playing tabletop games for decades. As part of the Orange County Gaming Group, we run, play, and seek ways to enhance all kinds of tabletop games. And we just LOVE fantasy audio and how it adds to the gaming experience. We are also part of the core team that successfully kickstarted Realmsound Project 2.0 in late 2013.

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