Battle for Nethervein
Battle for Nethervein

Set in dark fantasy world full of steampunk inventions and Lovecraftian horror. Take a role of a mighty hero and fight for one of the factions to achieve total victory.

Game is heavily inspired with computer MOBA genre, but tries to take modern and action packed approach. Players divide into two teams each fighting for either The Syndicate or The Swarm.
During the game you control only your hero, which gets stronger and gains new skills as the games goes on. Your action influence what happens on the battlefield, you can fight on the frontline to push it to opposing towers to raze them down or fulfill quest around the board.

The game focuses on fluid action game-play, utilizes simultaneous movement choosing and combat planning where you can bluff out your opponent.

Enjoy epic fight with your friends in up to 6 players that takes 60-90 minutes.

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