Bastion Bolt Action Pen in Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel
Bastion Bolt Action Pen in Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel

This project has already launched.

From the creators of Infinity Cube - Fidget in Style, comes a pair of luxury Bolt Action PensOnly a limited number of Early Bird pens are available to ship before the end of the year. Back this project now if you want to be the first to receive your Bastion Bolt Action Pen.

Unleash your creative genius with the luxury Bolt Action Pen by Bastion Gear. CNC machined out of carbon fiber and stainless steel, it's precisely designed for sketching and writing, making it the perfect companion to have at your desk or when you're on the go.  


Bastion’s bolt action pen is available in two different styles. An all stainless steel pen for a clean, sophisticated look. A carbon fiber and stainless pen for a high-tech, professional look.


The bolt action is inspired by the mechanism used in rifles. It provides an elegant and secure mechanical lock without parts that will wear out or break.  




Carbon fiber is rarely used in pens due to it's high cost and manufacturing complexity. We figured out how to incorporate a carbon fiber barrel with stainless steel ends for a durable, unique pen.





 The body is CNC machined from a solid piece of stainless steel that will last forever. It has a sleek and seamless appearance.




 The bolt action has an extremely satisfying feel that is fun to fidget with!



Once you've held the Bolt Action Pen, you won't want to let it go. Since it arrives in a gift box, you may want to buy another to make that perfect gift for someone special.

Bastion bolt action pen gift box
Bastion bolt action pen gift box


The ISO standard G2 "Parker style" refills are super simple to replace. There are many colors, inks and tip styles available from Parker and other refill manufactures. It's easy to swap colors, and never run out of ink.


Unscrew the tip to change the parker style ink cartridge.
Unscrew the tip to change the parker style ink cartridge.




A limited number of Early Bird Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber pens have already been manufactured in order to be available to ship soon after the Kickstarter, and be delivered to you in December 2017. The first set of reward levels are therefore limited to the quantity of pens that we have ready to ship.

Once the limited reward levels are filled, a new (limited) reward level will be opened with an expected ship date of January 2018.

These pens are only being sold on Kickstarter, and Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive their pens.

The Bolt Action Pen is a BASTION GEAR + ENGINEERABLE collaboration. It is manufactured and sold by Bastion Gear, who specializes in design and manufacturing of luxury every day carry (EDC) accessories and gear. Engineerable LLC focuses on quality design and manufacturing of products. 

Bastion and Engineerable combined have launched 9 successful and timely fulfilled Kickstarters,     

Mike Navitsky - Owner of Bastion LLC - Sourcing and manufacturing

Daniel Bauen - Owner of Engineerable LLC - Kickstarter management 

Brian Ellis - Kickstarter marketing

Evgeniy Yakimchuk - Video and images

Anastasia Juscenko - Assistant marketing manager and customer service

Green Inbox - Marketing team

Susan - Fulfillment

Download high res images and other media for sharing here.

Help make the Bolt Action Pen a reality by selecting the reward of your choice, and helping spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. #boltactionpen

Risks and challenges

BASTION is well established in the EDC (Every Day Carry) community, and has a large number of loyal customers. We sell direct online at our web-store and through many retailers nationwide.

We have a dedicated fulfillment warehouse on the west coast that provides quick and efficient packaging and shipping to our customers. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as our primary delivery source. We cannot control for mail delivery schedules managed by USPS, which could be impacted by weather, transportation, or local facility issues.

Delays in production and distribution from our manufacturing source are the most likely issues that we could encounter, but we have a lot of experience in resolving any problems and bringing our products to life.

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