Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms Volume 1 The Mad Queen
Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms Volume 1 The Mad Queen

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Game Description

This game, first and foremost, was created by RPG gamers for RPG gamers. Choose 1 of 6 unique classes, where your group's composition actually matters in survival. Strategy, timing and teamwork are the foundation of success in Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms. Travel the campaign map, search dungeons, complete town quests, and ultimately create a powerhouse character that everyone wants in their group. This game is not for the faint of heart, you will die from powerful monsters, group splits, and traps. This game removes the need for a game master and puts ALL players in the path of danger. The roll of the die, taking chances, and fate determines your groups struggle. You will have a different game experience every time you play. Equip your character with powerful items that cater to your class and build. You will laugh, you will cry and you will have fun.


Here is a snippet from our rule book:

Starting a Character

Place the character level 1 card in front of you to show your character’s level. After, selecting a character, each player will start with: the 2 innate abilities, 2 HPC Potion cards, 5 [HPC] Hit Point Counter Cards, 1 perk point and 1 ability point. This means that you choose 1 perk card and 1 player level 1 ability card from your character’s class cards. Grab the level 1 card for the ability that you chose.

Innate Perks and Perks

Innate Perks are perks that your character starts with. All perks are passive abilities that are unique to your character.


Abilities are skills that use an attack phase and can only be used while in combat. (Some events allow players to use abilities out of combat.) Abilities can be attacks, heals, buffs and debuffs. (Buffs are positive effects that apply to players/monsters. Debuffs are negative effects that apply to players/ monsters.) When using an ability in combat, turn the card to indicate its use. Some abilities place an effect on a monster or monsters. To indicate that it has been placed on the monster use a placeholder card for that skill on the monster.

Leveling Up Guide

See Character level cards for required experience to level. Get 1 perk every 4 levels. Get 1 ability point per level until level 10. Then gain 1 ability point every other level afterwards. Each ability maxes out at level 6 (5 upgrades). Gain 1 HPC per level. To level up you must spend the required amount of experience cards to gain the next level.

The Mad Queen
The Mad Queen

The Mad Queen

The Queen of this land has taken on some unwanted attributes as of late. She’s become vicious, cruel, and evil. She wasn’t always this way. She was known from far and wide for having a deep love for her people. No one knows what brought on her sudden new personality. She has condemned many villagers to the dungeons or worse; for the inability to pay her increased taxes. No peasant dares to even seek an audience with her anymore. The neighboring kingdoms have started to question the Queen’s mental state. They believe that the stress of being the sole ruler of a sovereign kingdom has begun to take its toll. The Queen has recently been overheard talking to her generals about starting a campaign to rid her land of the wicked and corrupt. If she starts this monstrous crusade of hers, many innocent villagers that she deems criminals will die. She has also placed several defenses in the 4 strongholds that border the kingdom's boundaries so that no one can escape her cruel justice.

Mad Queen's Helmet
Mad Queen's Helmet

The Cards

These are Prototypes of the Different Cards
These are Prototypes of the Different Cards

We have over 1700 cards in the box between the classes, monsters, events and more. The game also includes a Rule Book, Campaign and Dungeon Map, 6 six-sided dice and 3 group pegs.

  • Each class contains roughly 65 cards that are abilities (spells), and perks (passive abilities)
  • 36 monster cards
  • 6 Boss monster cards
  • 12 Monster Ability cards
  • 6 Monster Defensive Cards
  • 400 HPC Cards (Health)
  • 60 TPC Cards (Temporary Health)
  • 50 HPC Potion Cards
  • 130 D.O. Point Cards
  • 50 item cards (Gear)
  • 60 Upgrade Gem Cards (Used to upgrade items)
  • 180 Teir upgrade cards (Level up items)
  • 3 NPC Cards
  • 6 Player Number Cards
  • 30 - 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 EXP Cards
  • 6x Charater Level cards (Levels 1-20)
  • 1 Campaign Event Card
  • 20 Travel Campaign Cards
  • 10 Dungeon Campaign Cards
  • 40 Dungeon Event Cards
  • 5 Dungeon Placeholder Cards
  • 40 Travel Event Cards
  • 10 Town Quest Cards
Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map


Campaign Map
Campaign Map

 Stretch Goals

First off, sorry to dissapoint, but these will not be added to the base game. These are new volumes that we have planned for the future. We are just letting you know what we have planned.  Each volume will have its own unique campaign and map as well as everything listed below. We are just letting you know that if we reach these stretch goals that we will be able to produce and manufacture these for release in the future.

You are helping us create Future Expansions to the game.
You are helping us create Future Expansions to the game.

Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms Volume 2 The 4 Dragons, will introduce these 3 new classes.

  • Beserker (Tank/DPS)
  • Druid (Healer/DPS)
  • Collector (Utility)

Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms Volume 3 The Reign of the Undead, will introduce these 3 new classes.

  • Necromancer (DPS)
  • Shadowman (DPS)
  • Blood Mage (Healer/DPS)

Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms Volume 4 The Forgotten Labyrinth, will introduce these 3 new classes.

  • Wild Mage (DPS)
  •  Bard (Utility)
  • Illusionist (Crowd Control)

About Us

Valadrium Games LLC
Valadrium Games LLC

Jonathan and Patrick are the creators of Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms and Valadrium Games LLC. We have been friends since the 9th grade. We are both avid RPG gamers and in the past, have enjoyed making up our own GM (Game Master) content and storylines. Early this year we finally decided to use what we love to do, to create this game. Jonathan utilized the skills he learned from acquiring his game art and animation degree, to create the illustrations for this game. Patrick assisted in the creation of events and campaigns. They worked together on the dynamics of the classes and the design of the game.

Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms, Valadrium Games, all artwork, stories and names of products published by Valadrium Games LLC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Valadrium Games LLC. Bastille: Fallen Kingdoms is copyright © 2017 by Valadrium Games LLC. All rights reserved (November 2017).


Shipping Rates are based on a shipping weight of 15lbs, shipping from the United States. Because of shipping costs, we are only offering the pledge rewards to certain countries. Once we are up and running we will expand our shipping locations.

Risks and challenges

Our main challenge is the manufacturing costs. We have a lot of cards that go into this game and we are trying to keep the costs down to pass on to our customers. If we reach our goal, we will have the money to start manufacturing the game. If we reach our stretch goals then we can make our expansion volumes available to the public as well.

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