BASICo G.I.V. Insulated glass Vessel- a bottle that keeps your drinks tasting great and hot or cold
BASICo G.I.V. Insulated glass Vessel- a bottle that keeps your drinks tasting great and hot or cold

Why should I back the BASICo. G.I.V. (Glass. Insulated. Vessel), I already have a bottle?

Vessel- noun \ˈve-səl\ - a container (as a cask, bottle, kettle, cup, or bowl) for holding something.

It is made to carry your favorite beverage with you on the go. It keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for hours because of it's dual walled design it is insulated similar to the way a thermos is.  It is made from a specialty glass (the same stuff used in Pyrex cookware and lab beakers and test tubes used over open flames and extreme heat) that makes it super strong, heat resistant, and able to withstand corrosion so it will last and won't break down into your beverage over time like other bottles do. Since it is glass it also won't alter your beverage's taste, leaving you with a plastic or metallic aftertaste. Plus, since it is glass, it is eco-friendly and doesn't harm the environment the way aluminum or plastic bottles can.


Features & Benefits

  • Keep your water cold for 4-7 hours.
  • Our specially designed lid is is to carry or attach to other items
  • Take your coffee with you into work and keep it hot all morning
  • Take a cold sports drink with you on a hike
  • Provides an environmental benefit, by reducing the use and waste of other heated drinking containers that are single use, such as styrofoam or paper
  • Keep your protein shake cold while working out
  • Brew your own individual coffee anywhere- Camping, Office, School or on a road trip
  • Add some lemon or lime to your water for flavor and it'll stay cold for hours
  • Put whole tea leaves in the bottle and brew your own tea. Our filter will keep you from swallowing any leaves
  • clean minimalist and functional design
  • clear  glass lets you know when it is time for a refill and keeps you motivated to drink enough fluids everyday
  • Holds 14 fl oz of your favorite beverage
  • Make your own detox water by adding your own combos of fruits
  • Have your local coffee shop use a G.I.V. rather than their cups to keep your beverage hot longer and cut down on waste
  • Cuts down on garbage by keeping plastic bottles, cans and cups out of the landfill
  • Great for Water, soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, protein drinks, detox water, wine, beer, etc
  • Fill it with your favorite beer or wine for a day trip or picnic
  • Since its insulated you can still hold it even when it contains a hot beverage or cold drink. Try that with a plastic or metal bottle.



The Tumbler Body of the G.I.V. is made from Basico glass so it's strong. The design is thin so it will fit easily in your hand or a cup holder in your vehicle. The double walled design creates a vacuum seal creating insulation to the bottle which keeps cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot.


Near the top of the bottle is a bit of an indention on the inner wall. This allows you to place the stainless steel micro mesh filter. This filter can be removed when it isn't needed or when you want to clean out your bottle. It also serves various purposes. It acts as a barrier if you want to brew bagged or loose leaf teas or iced coffee. It also can hold back fruit or ice keeping it in your beverage and out of your mouth and teeth.


The filter can be used with a #1 or #2 cone coffee filter (which can be purchased at your local grocery store) to make your own pour over coffee. This is a nice feature because you only brew enough for you, pour over coffee tastes better than many conventional methods of brewing since the method allows for even distribution of the hot water over the coffee instead of a stream, like in most coffee makers.You only make as much as you want so there's none wasted.   It is also a prefered method because there is no transfer from a coffee maker to a mug or thermos (less hassle and less to clean up). Since you're brewing it in the bottle all you have to do is pull the filter out, put the lid on and take it with you.


The Inclined Loop Lid is something we are really proud about. We spent extra time on designing the perfect lid that would not only serve as a watertight seal but would look great and be functional. The Inclined Loop Lid was designed to fit a variety of hands. No matter if a child or adult is handling it, it just fits and works. It also looks stylish and serves as a great crown to the simple technology of the BASICo.'s all glass body.

How does the bottle keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold?

The insulated glass is formed by two layers of glass, separated by a dead air space. Most materials are conductive -- that is they transfer heat -- but with two layers, separated by air, the transference slows. Just as in other insulating media, the separating of the layers is what makes it work; the greater the separation, the less the conduction, as heat transfers most readily through a dense material and much less through a dead air space.

The reason the BASICo. G.I.V. works for keeping liquid warm or cold is because the air pocket slows down the transfer of heat from the liquid to the glass. Air has a lower thermal conductivity than glass does, which means that it slows down the loss of heat or cold from your drink. (The thermal conductivity of air is 0.024 W/m/°C, while the thermal conductivity of glass is anywhere from 0.96 - 1.3 W/m/°C). It's the same reason that windows in modern homes are usually double-paned.  

Besides all the science behind it the double-walled G.I.V. looks cool, and gives the illusion of the liquid suspended in air.


So What's so special about this glass?

We decided to use glass in our bottles but not just any glass would do. We wanted something that would last, not change the taste of your beverage, be easy to clean and actually encourage you to take in more liquids that are good for you like water.

The glass used in Basico's bottles is commonly used for laboratory glassware has a very low thermal expansion coefficient (3.3 x 10−6/K), about 1/3 that of ordinary soda-lime glass. This reduces material stresses caused by temperature gradients which makes borosilicate strong, resilient and a more suitable type of glass for many applications. It is used in the: 

Medical World -Virtually all modern laboratory glassware is same used in Basico bottles. It is widely used in this application due to its chemical and thermal resistance and good optical clarity. This means that you're bottle won't corrode or breakdown like metal or plastic. It is also less porous so it won't hold flavors from past beverages. 

Electronics Industry-Basico Glass also finds application in the semiconductor industry in the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), as part of stacks of etched silica wafers bonded to the etched with glass. 

Cookware- Glass cookware is another common usage. Basico glass is used for measuring cups, you know the ones with the markings providing graduated measurements, which are widely used in kitchens all over the world. Basico glass is sometimes used for high-quality beverage glassware like the Basico bottle and other high-end glassware. Not many glasses are made with Basico Glass. Basico glass provides kitchen and glassware increased durability along with microwave and dishwasher compatibility. Which adds additional convenience to the Basico Bottle owner. 

Other applications-The thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle were coated with  the same material of Basico glass Bottles. The same glass material is used for immobilisation and disposal of radioactive wastes. The material is a particularly attractive immobilization route because of the high chemical durability of the glass product. This characteristic has been used by industry for centuries. The chemical resistance of glass can allow it to remain in a corrosive environment for many thousands and even millions of years. 

If it is good enough for spaceships and holding radioactive waste your coffee, water, juice and hot chocolate should be no problem for a Basico Glass bottle.



Who we are-

Surplus Public is where ideas and design become one. We've launched successful start-ups and run successful businesses currently, but we are always pushing for more. Feeling a need to create we pulled Surplus Public together as a platform for our "surplus" ideas that didn't fit into our current ventures. We want to use Surplus Public as a think-tank and a vehicle to launch new brands and products to the world. Our mission is to: Take everyday objects and improve their design & functionality in simply beautiful ways, that make you wonder how you ever lived without them to begin with". 


 BASICo. is the first brand to come out of Surplus Public with the G.I.V. being it's first product launched BASICo.'s mission is to: Reimagine everyday products that simplify your life beautifully. 


Can I put it in the dishwasher? Unlike many metal and insulated bottles the BASICo. tumbler body and lid are dishwasher safe. The glass that we use is particularly suited for high temperatures and is used often in cookware. We wanted a product that was user-friendly and wasn't a hassle to clean. You're welcome!

Does the lid provide a leak-proof seal? This lid was designed to be leak-proof. We spent a lot of time coming up with a lid that was functional and good looking. You can hook the bottle on your bag or carry it with one finger. it is intended to keep your drink hot or cold and to keep it from sloshing out when you aren't drinking or when the mug is in your car. If the mug is tipped over or placed on it's side it will not leak.

Will this BASICo. Bottle fit in my car's cup holder?Yes. the bottle isn't over sized and will fit all cup holders with ease, so take it with you. It makes a great travel companion for the morning commute, at the office or even for a hike.

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