Our Idea: 

(hint: if you're in a hurry read only the bolded words) 

As a poor student who loves to go out with friends, I often choose to stay home because of the high cost of hitting the club. Many of times myself and friends have been hesitant to check our bank account the morning after going out, only to find out we spent $100+ a piece on cover, cab, and drinks. We at Barley have developed a solution to this problem, budgeting for your night out, before you go out. 

Before Going Out: 

Before going out we ask that you set a fixed dollar amount you want to spend. With this we plan to use an algorithm to help you estimate how much your night will cost as a whole; Drinks, Cover, Cab included. Sign up using Facebook, scan your ID, and set the location of the bars you are looking to go; After the initial set up, all we ask you to do is set the price you're willing to spend (We'll recommend you an amount), set the increments you would be willing to add more to your tab, and choose a time to lock in your budget. From here we'll handle the rest. 

While Your Out: 

So it's 10:00 PM and your budget of $45.00 is locked in, and you're ready to go. You leave your credit card at home with only your iPhone and ID in your pocket. You get to the first bar and open Barley. The app shows a QR code next to your picture which the Bouncer uses to admit you into the bar. Barley informs the bouncer of your agepays any cover fees associated with the bar, and clears you for admittance. Once inside you look down at Barley to see that three of your facebook friends are here and run into one of themHe tells you that he's spent most of what he's budgeted for the night, but planned a self-imposed limit to be able to add $10 to his tab after a 15 minute wait and will buy another drink in a moment. You run into another friend who's who's using Barley but didn't appear on the app to be at this bar. She tells you she's with her boyfriend and hid her presence on the app so guys wouldn't buy her drinksYou then walk up to the bar, buy a marg, and use let the bartender scan your QR (within Barley) bringing your total down to $33.00 for the night. 

1:45 AM:

The bars close in 15 minutes, you're down to $15 dollars after hitting another bar with the $2 Wells and need a ride homeYou and your friends check on Barley and see that your local cab company is offering much lower rates than ride-sharing services that normally surge prices right about now. You use Barley to call, pay for, and give directions to the driver, who get's who home by 2:10. 

Once your home: 

After splitting the cab with your friends, you still have $9.32 left on your tab. You send $4.32 back to your bank, and the other $5.00 to tip that cute waiter/waitress, that sold you the Margarita earlier. You fall asleep easily and can rest in peace knowing you didn't break the bank last night. 

Next Morning:

You check facebook and see that server you tipped got your name (from Barley, if public) and sent you a friend request on Facebook, You then go to retrace your steps from the night before on the app. Barley shows you who, where, and how you spent your tab last night and remembers where you went even when your brain doesn't. Best of all, on your bank statement you see one fee for the price of $40.68 charged to Barley, instead of 15 different charges to places with names you're uncertain of. 

Help Us Help You!

We want to make your night out better, help us do that by backing BarleyBeing college students at Texas A&M we need help funding the development of this app. We estimate costs of around $250k to get the app set up. You know we know how to budget! So we're doing this as cost-effectively as possible! Cost will be allocated as follows: 

Where Your Money is Going:

1) App Development and Design ~$25,000

2) Marketing ~$5,000

3) Equipping Bars with Tools to accept Barley- ~$10,000 (grows as we add more cities and bars. After the first few cities we hope the revenue we bring in will cover this) 

4) Patent, Legal, and Accounting ~$10,000

How We Plan to Make Money:

We plan to take a 2% fee on the total amount spent per tab. This is only $1.00 for every $50.00 you spend on a night out. We like to think of it as a small investment for the amount you'll save using our app! We plan to add support for informing the users of the best happy hours and deals in their area as well so you can save even more using Barley

News: Video Coming Soon, Thanks for your Support!

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