Bargain Home Bids - Real Estate Auction for Everyone
Bargain Home Bids - Real Estate Auction for Everyone

Bargain Home Bids – The Investor’s Best Friend

There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States who have at some point wanted to invest in real estate and have not known how. This may be because they do not have the tools, the knowledge, and/or the connections to do so.’s owners work and have worked for coaching companies with clients around the country who are looking to advance their real estate investing business. They know that it can be difficult to find the proper tools needed to invest. That is in large part why they created this new software, Bargain Home Bids; the complete toolkit for the smart investor.

Bargain Home Bids offers investors everything that you need to make smart investments. With a click of the mouse you will be able to perform due diligence on individual properties, work with hard money lenders, and of course buy and sell properties. In fact, we are the only dashboard that allows you to do a complete same-day transaction online.

Our website focuses on real estate auctions that are easy to navigate, are investor friendly and are informative. All of our properties are fully vetted by our expert staff, and you will find extremely detailed information for each. Each and every auction must fit into our strict requirements before it is listed on the website. Properties not only are listed at a minimal of 65% below the value in most states, but they must also include reports, comparable properties, repair bids and other information that other bidding sites do not offer. When properties are purchased Hard Money lenders will also be available as an option for buyers. A one stop shop if you will.

The Bargain Home Bids dashboard offers sellers and buyers an easy-to-understand auction / sales model that can be followed step by step; taking you through the investor process. We have provided tremendous flexibility so that, no matter what level you are, you can do your own research, track properties, and find helpful statistics to improve your investment strategy. The site also has safeguards such as auction reserves to allow set sales prices to be dedicated, keeping the price losses to a minimum.

An additional service we offer our investors is the licensed use of our software with a dedicated client website. This service allows the investor to comfortably create a co-branded landing page for their own business without having to worry about the operations. All transactions can be handled by us under your name. A co-branded profit-generating website is ideal for coaching clients and will generate buyers, sellers and investors for large scale organizations. The site will also allow them to track all of their work, so that they know how they are doing and how they are making money.

Site Setup – Buyers

Buying clients first create a membership:

1)     Foundation Membership – This membership is charged at $150 a year or $14.95 a month for 12 months and allows access for the client to view any properties. They can bid on auctions, use the “buy it now” options for listings but the full benefits of paid memberships are not available without additional charges. A 15 day “free” trial membership will also be offered with this membership option.

2)     Starter Membership – This membership is charged at $260 a year or $39.95 a month for 12 months and gives the member all the benefits of a foundation membership as well as one free posting in the Listings per month, monthly newsletter, as well as emails containing properties that will be listed or auctioned one day before they are posted on the site.

3)     Professional Membership – The highest options for memberships is charged at $1,995 per year. For these memberships buyers receive everything the other memberships receive as well as four additional free postings per month, an email with properties to be posted four days before they are listed, free access to any three phone seminars put on by throughout the year, a reduction on auction fees of $100 per $10,000 purchased, and 5% cost reductions of individual services through the site.

Once buying clients create or purchase memberships they will then have access to view properties and make bids. It is free for a buyer to bid on properties but if the buyer wins the auction there will be a 6% website usage fee that is added to the total purchase cost to the buyer. This fee is assessed for every $10,000 of sale. For example, if a property is purchased at auction for $50,000, the total cost to the buyer would be $53,000.

Site Setup – Sellers

Banks, investors, Realtors, wholesalers and motivated property owners can all be sellers on The cost to sell a property is a one-time $250 listing fee. Sellers on the can set reserves to ensure properties are sold at decent auction prices.

Platform Financing Options offers two types of financing to buyers.

1) finances products. This occurs now or in the future as the company finds the use and financing to do so. This would mean that clients who wanted a service, such as pictures of the property or the cost of selling properties through the auction ($250 non-refundable listing fee), could have our company cover the charge. Customers who opted for this service would be charged interest, plus a service fee. Minimum payments would be drawn from bank accounts until the charge plus interest is paid in full. This type of financing would be used to increase the returns on services and thus increase the ROI of in addition to allowing more clients to use our services.

  1. For example: A client wishes to purchase a home inspection but does not want to pay the $500 to do so. will cover the cost upfront. The client would then owe $20.80 a month, for three years until the debt is fulfilled.

2) will partner with hard money lenders around the nation to allow access to funding of properties on the website. Hard money lenders are an option for all buyers and available for all properties uploaded whether that is properties uploaded as a general auction or a wholesale auction. As some hard money lenders may provide 100% financing of purchases this can be a viable resource. Hard money lenders will be approached to “pre-qualify” properties before an auction is completed to allow for smooth transactions.

Closing Transactions has negotiated with a well respected, nationwide company, to create a smooth close from start to finish. Often in traditional real estate closings Realtors take the closing to a Finance company who in turn takes the financing to a closing company who works with escrow to complete the transaction. In these closings there are often a lot of loose ends and bumps that slow the process. Our service allows you to take a closing from contract to escrow; thereby making closing an easy and seamless online process.

Go To Market Strategy

Being that the owners work for and have worked for coaching companies as real estate mentors, they have a firsthand understanding of what this website can offer to coaching clients. They have already made soft agreements with multiple mentoring companies who deal with thousands of properties each year. However, selling to coaching companies is just the foundational start; there are extensive opportunities with real estate companies all over America. You can bet that you will find a strong selection of homes, hard money lenders, and ancillary real estate services ready for your investments.

Management Team

Nathan T. Street, Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Street has been involved in real estate investing in various capacities for 17 years. He has worked with a mentoring company, as a real estate consultant for 10 years.

During his time at a mentor he has worked with thousands of clients and dealt with every possible contingency that the market has to offer. This includes the successful execution of all the transaction variations that may arise. In this particular region his experience is unparalleled.

His personal real estate investing experience ranges from rental properties, purchases, and re-sells to retain buyers. He has also purchased a mobile home park using a Land Trust, which included no less than 25 slots, a 4-plex and an eight unit motel. Some of the transactions were profitable, others broke even or lost money, but all contributed to his vast knowledge of the market.

He is a graduate of Utah Valley University and University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science in Business. In 1996 he received a license as a mortgage broker, and he has also gained the distinguished Eagle Boy Scout award as well as multiple awards for his service as a real estate mentor.

He is absolutely committed to maintaining the strictest integrity when dealing with clients, during the property evaluation process, and in the broad world of real estate investing.

Ryan Hughes, Chief Officer

Ryan has been investing in real estate for 12 years. His personal experience includes single family residences and multi-family transactions in many states throughout the country. His specialties include multi-family, single family quick flips and creative financing. His understanding of property evaluations ensures a win-win for all involved.  

Like Nathan Street he had worked, for about 7 years, as a Real Estate Consultant.  As a consultant he has used his expertise to help thousands of clients make important decisions and determine the best way to structure transactions for the highest and greatest benefits.

Ryan has a B.S. degree in Humanities and has been a licensed Realtor in the State of Utah. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.  He is passionate about helping others.  At one point in his life he rode his bicycle across the United States to raise money for cancer. 

He is committed to the highest level of integrity and professionalism with all the individuals and businesses he is involved with. 

Stretch Goals

$30,000 – Syncing Closings through with for a near seamless close completely online.

$40,000 – Mobile App Version of Bargain Home Bids

Contribution Rewards

  • $20 – Thank you
  • $50 – Foundation Membership on Launch
  • $100 – Starter Membership on launch
  • $250 – Starter membership on launch for two years
  • $500 – Professional Membership on launch or Lifetime Starter Membership
  • $1000 – Professional Membership and Affiliate Site
  • $3000 – lifetime Professional Membership, affiliate site, invite to launch party, Golf hat with embroidery.
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