Barekini Eco Swimwear Made from Recycled Nylon
Barekini Eco Swimwear Made from Recycled Nylon

This project has already launched.

Designed to fit thoughtfully; Barekini strives to be a second skin. All bikini bottom styles are mid-rise and curve upward on the sides so that the strap sits higher on the hip, avoiding the plush pocket in between the waist and hip bones, and creating a longer leg. All bikini tops feature a fixed-adjustable band under the bust and adjustable shoulder straps, providing real support for swimming and athletic activities. In addition, instead of the standard sizing where the entire top gets larger when you go up a size, only the coverage in the front gets larger, keeping the band the same circumference for each size (small through xl). The support band has 3 notches to choose from for adjustability and is gauged to fit bra sizes 32-36.

Made from 78% Econyl® and 22% Lycra® Xtra Life™, Barekini is a better bikini. Econyl® works in partnership with Healthy Seas to recover discarded fishing nets from our oceans and recycle them, helping to reduce the amount of global waste and feeding it back into production cycles. Through a process of regeneration, the nylon from these nets is transformed into high-quality Econyl® yarn and is then blended with Lycra® Xtra Life™ for lasting durability and shape retention. 50+ UV protected and ultra-resistant to sunscreens, tanning oils, and chlorine, this luxurious and progressive techno-fabric is defiant to the elements, extending the life of your swimwear.

Barekini stands for goodness and we feel a responsibility to protect the environment that we love and respect. We hope to provide a beautiful product while using sustainable business practices and without causing any environmental harm or adding to the waste. 10% of all profits donated to help keep our oceans clean and save marine life.

Risks and challenges

I am already through the majority of the process and am pushing into the final stage of production. I hit many obstacles early in the process with sizing and sourcing, all of which have been resolved. Nonetheless, these unanticipated obstacles increased costs and have left me underfunded for the two final stages before launch. Barekini is hopeful that this campaign will support our ability to launch this Fall.

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