Baptist Borehole Rig
Baptist Borehole Rig

The baptist borehole rig is a manual method for drilling boreholes in the right conditions. It is used in many parts of the world to bring water to rural populations who could only dream about water. The drill bits are locally made in a basic weld shop with common plumbing pipe, a bolt and leaf spring steel. 

There is an amazing organization called Water For All International who has organized villages into self help borehole clubs. I'm willing to work at a similar goal - get equipment and training into villagers hands. Basically, I have turned my expat life into sharing information about boreholes and rain water harvesting. I call it building-up water. 

Currently I'm in Senegal living with a family in Seo (Saiho) Village. Most people from this rural village earn their income from the land. The region has only one opportunity, the three month rainy season, to cultivate food and fodder. In Seo Village rain is the sole source of water for agriculture. A borehole in the fields would keep water available all year. At home rain water harvesting would be a source of water for a garden.

"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one" - Jacques Coustue 

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