BANGO! The card game for people who bang.
BANGO! The card game for people who bang.

This project has already launched.

‘Bingo’ and ‘Never Have I Ever's cooler, funner love-child. The talking-about-sex game where your banginest friend wins.


Bango is a talking-about-sex game. Players are prompted by the cards to ask each other questions ("Have you ever had sex with a person on the same day you met them?") and tell each other stories ("Tell a story about something you feel confident about in sexual situations"). 

Each "yes" answer and story shared allows players to cross off a square on their "Bango board", until somebody gets a line of five crossed-off squares. That person is the winner, and gets to yell "BANGO!!!" at a volume of their choice.

The winner also gets to be very proud, because they are the banginest, and there ain't no shame in this game. 

Bango is not just sex-positive, it is sex-celebratory. It’s sex-enthusiastic, sex-reverent, and sex-delighted. Bango is a celebration of each player’s unique sexual universe - in all its surprising, hot, hilarious, joyful, sometimes-embarrassing glory.

The Bango deck has been scientifically formulated to make Bango playable for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Any group of people can play Bango, as long as each of them has, at some point in their personal histories, banged. 

("But how did you do such good science?", you may ask. Why, thank you for noticing! I'd be delighted to explain my methods in the FAQ!)

Each round of Bango lasts 30-90 minutes, depending how many people are playing (works best with 3-8 players), how talkative they are feeling, and how good their stories are.

If you'd like to find out which of your friends is the banginest, make a pledge! You'll be helping to fulfill one of my major fantasies (the one where I get to make Bango).

- Your friend, Carsie Blanton (songwriter, game inventor, person who bangs)

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