Bang Wed Murder Party Game: You've got to choose....Go!
Bang Wed Murder Party Game: You've got to choose....Go!

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About this project

Bang Wed Murder is a party game based upon Pop Culture, Race, Religion, Sex and Bodily Fluids.  Match the top three words with the bottom three words to form your favorite combination.  If you have the same combination as your friends, you win! 
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 About Me:
I've always dreamed of being an entrepreneur.  It's just something that I was born with.  I recently got married in November and part of my friends roast was a list of all the horrible inventions and ideas that I have come up with.  After the speech my mom came up to me and said, "You really do have horrible ideas, I remember when you were 7 years old and you came up THE URILET: A combination of a urinal and a toilet for your home."  If anybody wants to make this happen I would be glad to be your first customer.
     After years of brainstorming and an Engineering degree from Purdue University I finally came up with my best idea yet.  Taking a classic game played in movies, on the radio, or stupidly debating who you would Bang Wed or Murder with friend and turning into a party game.  Well maybe everybody was right I do have horrible ideas...but I will guarantee that you will laugh your ass off and have a great time with friends and family when playing BANG WED MURDER!!!
Risks and challenges
I want to pre-thank everybody for supporting Bang Wed Murder. I have spent countless hours detailing every aspect of Bang Wed Murder and coming up 300+ cards for your entertainment. My passion for creating party games comes from the fact that I want people to escape the daily grind and have fun connecting with friends and family. I believe the time you spend laughing with friends and family is what life is all about. This may be a little presumptuous, but I hope that I can provide that type of entertainment with Bang Wed Murder.

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