Bandjo - A Virtual Incubator for Musicians
Bandjo - A Virtual Incubator for Musicians

Are you a solo musician interested in forming a band?

Are you a band having trouble finding gigs?

Where do you see your musical career headed in the future?

Are you a music venue, record label, or industry professional? Keep reading!

Aspiring to solve these problems for musicians around the world, we created Bandjo. Bandjo is a virtual incubator for your musical career. You can join Bandjo at any stage, and it will guide you on the path to success. Outlined below are the three phases of the incubation process.


Phase 1

The first phase of the incubation process starts with a solo musician. Are you looking for people to collaborate with? We’ll show you musicians in your vicinity with similar musical tastes. Do you prefer to work solo? Move on to Phase 2.


Phase 2

Hurray! You have a band to jam with (or you’re going solo)! Now what? Use Bandjo to find opportunities to perform. Or work on projects for other people.

Phase 3

You have a band, and you’re performing at gigs. Time to take things to the next level. What are your long-term goals? Release an album on iTunes. Open for a major band. Play at a festival. Sign a record deal. Whatever it is, we’ll guide you on the path to achieving your goal.


Bandjo will enable you to find local musicians that match whatever criteria you are looking for. You can check out the work of musicians that interest you, and see feedback that they have received from previous performances. You can also gain insight as to how many fans they have, and how engaged the fans are. By putting all of this information at your fingertips, you can decisively choose which musicians to call to an audition, or skip it altogether.

Record Labels

 Use Bandjo to scout for new talent! We'll show you who's interested in a record deal, and give you easy access to all their work, as well as vital data about their fanbase.

Industry Professionals

 Use your skills to work for musicians worldwide! Bandjo will give you access to our projects section, and area where professionals like you bid on projects created by the Bandjo community.
 You can also create your own project and collaborate with talent, whether it be locally, or glabally.

About Us

We have been working on the concept of Bandjo for over a year, and we feel that we have something worth developing into a website. We need your help to turn our ideas into reality, so that in the future, we can help you do the same.

We will use your contributions to hire a web developer to build Bandjo from the ground up. We envision the site to be extremely user friendly, and accessible to everyone.



If you like our concept, please sign up for updates and share with people who may be interested.

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Sincerely, Team Bandjo


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