Bamboo Mi - The Underwear Made by Bamboo Charcoal
Bamboo Mi - The Underwear Made by Bamboo Charcoal

This project has already launched.

April 13, 2017 - The lingerie brand Sunna Character is organizing a Kickstarter campaign for its newest high performance underwear, Bamboo Mi. Staying healthy, naturally beautiful, and comfortable are the keys in our design. You will fall in love with it once you have tried it!
Infuse far infrared radiation into underwear -
Bamboo charcoal is very eco-friendly as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, meaning it is a natural renewable resource. One of the main benefits is its far infrared characteristics.
Our one of a kind fabric with the latest far infrared technology gives our garments maximum breathability and antimicrobial properties like no other. No bacteria build-up, no odor.
Underwear that fits you – 
We notice most underwear use a 2-way stretch design that is easily victimized by wear and tear. We have designed ours to have a 360 degree stretch for both durability and comfort. Our fabric is extremely stretchy and will not lose its elasticity so easily.
Addressing the saggy bum – 
During the design process, our team has targeted a specific problem – Saggy Bum! Our product is designed to have 2-circle wing-shaped elastics to centralize butt fat. This design hugs your butt within seamless circles, which support and secure the two cheeks against gravity. As a result, this keeps your rear round, perky and centralized. No extra padding needed to do the trick!
Activities you enjoy with MAXIMUM comfort and breathability–
With anti-odor and quick dry properties infused into thefabric, you will stay dry throughout your entire workout without worrying about a sweaty bum. Our fabric is sweat absorbent and at the same time extremely breathable – Keeping you cool, dry and comfortable at all times.
High Performance Underwear Meets Fashion –
Most importantly our design team wanted to create a product that is Comfortable, Functional, AND Fashionable. We wouldn’t want to wear granny panties...Right?
We have 2 different designs in 6 different colors to choose from.
The Bamboo Mi campaign launches on Kickstarter on April 20 and will run for 45 dayswith a funding target of $5,000. Estimated shipping is September 2017.
Bamboo MI feature round-up
-Quick Dry
-Maximum Breathability
-360° stretch fabric
-Lift you bottom
About Sunna Character
We are a lingerie brand striving to cultivate healthy urban living through our well-designed quality products. We have what city dwellers need to stay healthy and beautiful, naturally and easily. Each product we offer has its unique health-promoting properties. What you will find from us is an experience of comfort and intimacy. We are your partner in this journey of healthy urban living, revealing the natural beauty in you.
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