BAGVERTIBLE - Bags That Do Tricks®
BAGVERTIBLE - Bags That Do Tricks®

This project has already launched.

BAGVERTIBLE® is the World’s first handbag system with which 2 or 3 handbags can easily be turned into a bigger handbag - a bigger handbag that has a totally unhindered SINGLE compartment. BAGVERTIBLE's groundbreaking handbag system was conceived with the goal of making handbags both more practical and more fun. 

Imagine a lady owns ,say, two black leather handbags and a luxurious long hair on hide red handbag. If these 3 handbags are Solo Handbags - the smallest handbags that BAGVERTIBLE® offers she will be able to immediately meet her need for a bigger handbag by easily transforming, say, both of her black SOLO handbags into a single bigger black leather handbag that has a single inner compartment. If she is feeling a bit frisky and needs an even bigger handbag she could easily form a black leather-red hair on hide-black leather handbag. A red Mohican black leather handbag! The handbags that result from BAGVERTIBLE's system are indeed the most practical in the world while being the most fun too.

Additionally, BAGVERTIBLE® handbags formed from 2 or 3 SOLO handbags are so flawlessly put together that, especially if the SOLO handbags are identical in appearance, if one did not know better one would be forgiven for not realising that one is looking at a handbag that can easily be turned into at least 2 or 3 SOLO handbags!

However there is much more to BAGVERTIBLE's groundbreaking system than handbags that can each have their sizes and/or appearances repeatedly changed. For example, if a handbag is formed from 3 non-identical SOLO handbags, the resulting handbag - a BAGVERTIBLE® TRIO Handbag - could easily be up to 9 different handbags!

BAGVERTIBLE® has created its very own handbag category - no other handbags are such an unprecedented convergence of innovation, customisation, fun and versatility.

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