Bagby, the first sleeping bags for your smartphone!
Bagby, the first sleeping bags for your smartphone!

This project has already launched.

It's time to put our phones away and reconnect in a more mindful way! 

Bagby is a revolutionary idea that solves a technology problem by encouraging a simple behavior change. Less Technology is MORE.

Bagby is a sleeping bag for your phone with a built-in slit so you can charge your phone while it’s tucked away. It includes a removable hook and a classic –non-digital alarm-clock.

In January, my husband Juan Sánchez and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. We realized that, like many other couples around the world, we were very distracted so it was difficult for us to connect with each other. My husband suggested a Phone-Free Bedroom Challenge. No phones, no distractions. Soon after, we discovered the benefits this simple change in behavior could bring to people, especially couples like us. Truth be told, we haven’t brought them back in the bedroom since. 

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