Baen: Gaming Hardware for your Car
Baen: Gaming Hardware for your Car

Baen enhances your driving experience, letting you play games with your car.

Our Inspiration:

As kids, we played with toy cars, raced go-karts, and played racing games, looking forward to the day we got our first car. But the reality of daily driving isn't as exciting as we imagined. At Baen, we believe driving should be more fun, and we want to create new ways to make it fun. Now that we have a car, is there a way we can make it part of a gaming platform and safely play games while driving?

How Does Baen Work?

By combining live car data, GPS location and your smartphone, we can link driving with games on the phone and create a new gaming experience. Baen’s hardware is the bridge between your car and your phone and its algorithm turns daily driving into a unique experience. With our safety features, we are trying to reduce distracted driving, and let you safely play games with your car.

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Baen works by linking your car’s data port to your phone through a Bluetooth connection. All cars made after 1996 have a data port known as an OBD-II interface, and it is very likely your car has it. 

Installation is very simple:

Baen is more than just a standard Bluetooth to OBD-II bridge:


We are going to design a game with Baen, a car battle game based on your daily driving. By connecting with Baen, our game will bring your car into a virtual game world; your car becomes a mechanical soldier, with its fate linked to your actions in the real world. Movement in the game is determined by your car’s GPS location and speed. Your car statistics, such as fuel consumption and travel distance, shapes your in-game actions and experience, and depending on the route you drive, you can collect weapons and equipment to power up your virtual battle car. 

While driving, you will encounter other human players and non-player characters, with whom you can battle, ally, and trade. The virtual world also contains checkpoints and strategic locations based on real world points of interest. By parking, you can use your car to occupy these buildings. Interaction between players is a major part of the game, and players will be able to create in game events like tournaments, participate in teams, and share achievements to social networks. Through this game, we want to create a vibrant Baen user community.

For Partners and Developers:

On average, 76.4% of Americans drive alone, and spend over an hour in the car each day. There should be a way to safely let people play with their phones while driving.

Baen offers new ways to engage players and provide services. We would love to share what we have done, so we will release an SDK for developers. We want to work with the gaming community to make Baen as an open platform that brings players and their cars together for great gaming experiences. 
Existing games on other platforms could also use Baen to add driving based functions. By using Baen’s open and secure platform, you can build a new gaming experience for your audience. 
"Regarding data privacy and safety, all data connections are encrypted, and only basic data is opened through the API."

Safety Concerns:

Safety of our players is very important to us. That’s why we design it with multiple built-in safety features. 
To ensure safety while driving, non-interactive mode does not allow the driver interaction with the screen, and all notifications are voice or audio only. In addition, the design of game does not change your driving behavior. 
Baen's hardware optimized the acquisition on the CPU by only gathering data as needed for the game. The hardware also does not use any electricity when the car is turned off. In regards to data privacy and safety, all data connections are encrypted through Bluetooth, and only basic data is opened through the API.

Why We Need Your Help:

We've finished our hardware prototype and coding work. Now, we need your opinions and feedback on how we can make Baen better. We also need your help spreading our idea. We will use the Kickstarter funds to mass produce Baen with our new, cool outer shell design (shown above) and start designing the world's first real-car game. We can't thank you enough for believing in us.

What We Believe:

We believe that every driver is entitled to his or her car data, and we want to provide an easy way for the owner to securely access that data. We also believe that driving is more than just a process of getting from point a to point b, driving can be so much more.

Pledge Levels:

$5: Donation—We can’t thank you enough for supporting our project! Our team will send you exclusive updates on Baen’s development. 
$15: You will receive Baen’s software package, including our game and API 
$35: Early Bird Special—We’ll send you one Baen Cube unit, along with our software package (Limit: 200) 
$45: We’ll send you one Baen Cube unit. 
$55: We’ll send you one Baen Cube unit, along with our software package. 
$110: 3 Unit Package—We’ll send you a Baen 3 pack. Includes 3 Baen Cubes and software packages 
$5000: Partnership Package—You’ll receive Baen’s API before the general public to help you get a head start on development. We’ll also provide technical support for your project. 


Our team members have a diverse background in hardware and software. Zhu Hui has worked with car electronics for over 10 years, and Mai Yuan, have been developing games for over 10 years of experience in software development, along with clients in the USA, Japan, and Europe. Our founder, James, has 15 years of Internet project experience including design and development of the first generation of multiplayer online games in China, P2P file transfer programs, network video conference software, vertical content search engine, and Cloud based on-demand taxi smart terminal. 

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