BAD BROWNIE: Gourmet chocolate brownie & dessert bar
BAD BROWNIE: Gourmet chocolate brownie & dessert bar

This project has already launched.

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Bad Brownie have been making and serving the most amazing and delicious chocolate brownies all around London since 2013 and now we want to open London’s first chocolate brownie dessert bar with all manner of brownie madness.

Morag and Paz set up Bad Brownie after leaving their office jobs and wanting to feed people chocolate – they knew that the humble brownie, delicious already, was due a makeover, to get it bang up to date and unashamedly decadent. So we took a massive leap of faith and baked a load of brownies and drove Paz’s rusty little Micra to the market to sell the brownies!

Since that first market, we’ve made over 300 flavours, including flavours like the best selling liquid centred salted caramel sandwich brownie, bacon and maple syrup brownie, earl grey tea brownie, bakewell brownie or coconut and lime marshmallow brownie. We’ve been lucky enough to sell at loads of top notch markets around London, like Maltby Street in South London, to Broadway in East. We’ve done residencies at Street Feast and festivals like British Summertime Hyde Park.

Regardless of flavour, there are a few things that our brownies must be, in order to become bad brownies. All our brownies have to be rich, decadent, fudgy and indulgent. They need to be packed with bags of flavour and personality – think gooey caramels or fruity jellies; crunchy peanut brittle or fluffy marshmallow; crispy biscuit bases and chewy nougat. All our brownies have to look as good as they taste – whether it’s the metallic golden top on our salted caramel or the glittery candied orange peel in our jaffa brownie - these brownies look too good to eat.

Finally, our brownies need to tempt you and seduce you. Simple.

Now it’s time to step up a gear – think you know everything about brownies? Think again - we’re talking about next level brownies.

Our brownie dessert bar, which we want to open in Spring 2017 in vibrant Camden won’t just sell brownies by the slice in tons of different flavours (though obviously they’ll be the star), but we’ll also have our decadent freakshakes (chosen by Time Out as one of the top 10 freakshakes in London), indulgent hot chocolates, and some terrific desserts – all with some kind of chocolate brownie connection as well as oodles of cream, custard or sauce! It will be a shrine to all things chocolatey and delicious and it will be unforgettable for anyone with a sweet tooth.

We want to open this world of chocolate dreams because whilst we love being at our markets and don’t have any plans to drop them, we’re limited by having to be in a gazebo and outside in the fresh air. In summer its boiling hot and in winter its freezing cold – which makes temperature control challenging to say the least.

This dessert bar means refrigeration, blenders, drinks machines and SPACE! What a luxury it will be to not have to serve from a 6 foot trestle table. And we can move on from just standard slices of brownies to so much more on the menu!

We chose Camden because it is one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of London, synonymous with creativity, curiosity and a place to launch exciting and innovative concepts like ours.

We’ve built up a great fanbase from our time on the streets and this is an opportunity to give something back – help make our dream a reality and be part of this dessert revolution – we need your help, support and drool – think of all that oozing caramel and dark, rich fudgy chocolate. We are complete feeders and what better way than with our very own brownie palace. If you love chocolate you can’t afford not to join in – this dessert bar will be a chocoholic’s wet dream!


We’ve got a bunch of great rewards, both large and small and of course everyone gets a massive, virtual hug from us with every reward.

We will try to ship out as many of the small rewards before Christmas as we can, such as the jars, aprons, tote bags and bibs. So if you’re stuck for Christmas presents, the answer is here.

Some of our favourite rewards are:

£10 – Bad Baby Bibs – our super cute extra soft baby bibs with the messaging: Bad Baby / Dangerously Cute makes the perfect present for new parents or anyone expecting

£15 – Bad Brownie Aprons – the very same aprons we use at our market stalls – these will make you feel invincible in the kitchen – no matter how messy you’ll be clean as a whistle underneath. Remember, the messier the apron, the tastier the baking.

£35 - Freakathon - unlimited freakshakes for you and a friend to gorge on with unlimited toppings - how many do you think you'll be able to manage?

£45 - Bakery techniques masterclass - join us in our kitchen for an hour and a half to learn the secrets of how we make our caramel sauce, ganaches and of course, the brownies. Have a couple of drinks on us and snacks too. Take home a salted caramel sauce jar.

£50 - Bad Baker Kit - Collection of Bad Brownie apron, wooden spoon and tea towel in a tote bag to make sure you're as prepared as you can be for your baking adventures. We can't promise to banish soggy bottoms though...

£150 – Design Your Own Brownie Flavour - design your dream brownie flavour – work with our head chef in thinking up an amazing flavour which we will make and consult you on and then look to sell across all our sites – we can even name it after you if you want – and of course you’ll receive a whole giant brownie tray of your flavour to gorge on

£2500 – Brownie Party - brownie party for you and your friends for an epic night at our dessert bar. We’ll close the venue to host a private party for you and 50 friends to eat and drink the night away at our amazing shop. Love chocolate? This is the party venue of a lifetime.

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