BacoBurger ~ Bacon Infused Burgers!
BacoBurger ~ Bacon Infused Burgers!

This project has already launched.

We'll be the first and only company that leads with Bacon-Infused Burgers made with quality beef & premium smoked bacon.

Who are we?

What do we do?


We combine people's love for bacon and burgers into one unique patty!

What inspired us? 


Several years back a good family friend of ours told us we really ought to try some burgers, made by a local butcher, with Bacon blended into them. We did just that and became instant fans. After getting hooked, we didn't stop there. We started researching, only to find that no one was focused on making these burgers with premium, select grades of Beef and Bacon, and making them widely available. It was then that we began our quest to craft the perfect Bacon-Enhanced burger—testing different ratios of the best cuts of meat, including Angus and Wagyu Beef with Premium Smoked Bacon from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Thus are the origins of the one and only, original BacoBurger®.


Want to know more about our product?


The BacoBurger is a premium burger patty, made with a proprietary blend of quality beef and premium cuts of smoked bacon. It creates a new spin on burgers and bacon, with a unique flavor truly distinct from conventional hamburgers topped with regular bacon strips. The blended bacon fat infuses into the patty during the cooking process and creates a richness that compliments the beef perfectly.  Also, they can be cooked straight from freezer to grill with superior results due to their bacon-fat content.

What we're up to now!

At this stage our product is available for purchase on our website,, and we are presenting our core line up of BacoBurgers to the supermarket industry. We have received highly enthusiastic feedback and are being invited back for secondary review with several prominent chains such as Publix, Wegmans and Meijer.  We are also in the process of scheduling additional initial meetings with supermarkets including ShopRite, for consideration of placement on their shelves. 

I'm sure you're wondering..what are we raising money for?

The funds raised through our Kickstarter campaign will be used to help move us along through our initial approach of the supermarket industry.  It is a costly operation involving food brokers, sales teams, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and much more.    

Lastly, what motivates us..

Yours and our love for Bacon & Burgers! 





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